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  1. Blargrhaonreuhnao,tik/nrcaoedhhe I'm this close to getting tilted.Edit: aoeudhntcaodkh;oenkdb;oeukb;qjbkx b;eub hntnoeukntoebk
  2. Oh yeah, nice post Markalso **** poker today.
  3. None, HU is for suckers. I play at least 2 usually 3, sometimes 4. See suckers, go back to 6 max. The other day I had a bad day on Stars. I realised after the session that I had left FTP open from the sig match. Coincidence? I think you are also able to change your sig if you want.
  4. I've had no reason to glove up for over a year, like going to another country is going to change that. Although I've already decided to take gloves, just in case.
  5. From reading the history of you pokerz you will make it HU and chop.
  6. Sig!and FYI I think it's like a small kangaroo or a big Wallaby. Like inbetween those two sizes. I could wikipedia it but I prefer to live in ignorance
  7. I put it out there that anyone using Teamviewer/Mikogo is a regular on some sort of Forum. That only leaves the AIM or whatever ambiguity, and that is solved by a simple email along the lines of... As part of the Terms of Agreement you signed up with you allow FTP to monitor which other programs are running while the FTP is running. You have also agreed not to use instant messaging programs while playing at FTP, if you wish to chat on Instant messager please sit out using the sit out next hand option, or leave the table.Or something similar, which puts people at ease they aren't being spyed o
  8. I'm not actually too upset at this. It makes total sense from their point of view. The only part that sucks is I now assume AIM is off limits in general, even just for chatting with people even if nothing to do with poker?
  9. Me vs specbrad now, search either of us on stars
  10. I'm afraid I might absent mindly go up to said couple now and say Speedz says hi, and even if their the right couple they still won't know what I'm talking about.
  11. QFT I've been waiting for a game for ages.Also I was doubtful it would happen because I was having so much passport difficulties, but thats all sorted now. I'm going to Thailand next week.
  12. I was doubtful it would happen because I was having so much passport difficulties, but thats all sorted so...I'm going to Thailand next week bitches.
  13. Naismith I absolutely love your sig, but is it possible to make it smaller? It's kinda tilting having to scroll so much.
  14. It's probably a question of the ages of the threads and their current points. There is a lot of golden stuff in this thread, but more of it is in the middle, right after the "challenge" ended and people just kinda started hanging out here. The LHE thread is still new, people are still getting to know each other and have heaps to share. Here people will post their latest insight but all the (I don't want to say standard or obvious but can't think of a better word) obvious stuff has been posted so now it's more shooting the shit in here.The LHE thread was created to discuss strategy because all
  15. correct me if I'm wrong, this is for 25nl? The full stackers are generally nits (correctly so because...), everyone else generally isn't. If you get 3 bet by a full stacker go cautiously, 4 bet is usually a muck. Beware thinking players who aren't nits, you'll have to play AK more aggressively against them. I personally would have no trouble getting it in with AK almost every time at this level, but I'm a variance monkey (I'm actually not, and may or may not make a post about this at some time soon).I'm sure you don't have to be told but just in case don't 4 bet and then fold AK for any reaso
  16. This whole thread is level right?
  17. Wow that's awesome, I want to do it. I always wanted to be a vet but then realised how hard it would be. So then I wanted to marry a vet. You just moved to the top of the list.
  18. FFS, first person to post here catching me playing on a Monday or a Thursday Australian time scores $100, for the rest of the month. I'm so sick of telling myself to not play these days and playing anyway.Edit: obvious exceptions HU sig matches.
  19. I have no idea which birthday this was, sometime before 12, we went to dinner for my birthday. Then we were walking past a theatre, like a really nice one. And my parents were all like, isn't that nice I wonder if we'd be allowed in to just have a look at the building. The ticket man is like no you need a ticket to get in, oh what's this you have tickets as my mum pulls out the tickets from her bag.The play was the Secret Garden.It was awesome.
  20. For sure. Do you have electricity?
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