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  1. My reason for posting was not to protest, but to try and give DN a warning that he is going to catch mad hell for the video. Thats it. I don't think my personal opinion on the vid is worth a damn.Oh and since this site is at least in someway related to gambling, anybody want to take me up on a $100 bet that DN offers a retraction and apology in the next 7 days?
  2. Dn,I know you thought it was all in jest, but the sooner you take that video off the world wide web, the sooner you can to sleep. I am surprised your phone and email aren't blowing off the hook. I am not going to get into the deep sociological reasons why a white person doing blackface is ALWAYs over the line, but rest assured, you have NEVER seen it performed as a "skit" on SNL or Madtv, and for good reason. Eddie Murphy can dress up as a white dude, and the Wayans can dress up as some white chicks, but trust me on this, a white NEVER has any reason to do blackface, NEVER. Just please yan
  3. I play in a weekly NL mixed game. .50-1.00 blinds, but preflop bets are usually more like 5x-10x and stacks are usually 75-200. It is very loose preflop with most players having a DN like range of hands. Flop on is generally trap-happy with lots of sand-bagging. My general style is what I see happening on High Stakes Poker on GSN, where I will call pre-flop with a wide range of hands, but only play the flop if I have a very solid hand (2 pair, trips, or a draw and its not too expensive), then I will take the betting lead.What has been happening is basically what has happened to DN, which
  4. So you want to know how he does it, huh? I saw Teller (of Penn & Teller) in Vegas last summer. I asked him about Mind Freak. His answer was very simple:"Watch the show. With illusions, the easiest solution to the trick is always the right solution. the entire show is fake. Your WATCHING A TV SHOW. You never question how the Starship Enterprise flies, cause you know its a TV show.."That was his answer. You ever wonder why its not a live show with no camera cuts?
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