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  1. Fair enough. Let us know when you make some :)GB
  2. Results are kind of the point of this thread are they not? GB
  3. Wow, great thread. I don't know where to start as I usually butcher at least one per session. Here's a couple of gems that stood out so much I made them favorites in PT:Hand #1:Preflop: Hero is UTG with 9 , A . Hero raises, Button 3-bets, SB calls, 1 fold, Hero calls.Flop: (10 SB) 8 , A , 6 (3 players)SB checks, Hero checks, Button checks.Turn: (5 BB) 5 (3 players)SB checks, Hero checks, Button checks.River: (5 BB) 8 (3 players)SB bets, Hero raises, Button 3-bets, SB folds, Hero calls.Final Pot: 10 BBResults below: Hero has 9d Ad (two pair, aces and eights). Button has Jc Kc (flush,
  4. You have two options:a. 3-bet the flop to lose the original bettor and then take a free card on the turnorb. foldThe problem with folding is that people raise all kinds of hands here without an ace, but that doesn't mean you aren't already crushed. But I've seen people raise any pocket pair here enough to think you could be good.I think I'd tend towards option a. but it's close enough I wouldn't argue hard either way.GB
  5. I was orginally going to say to cap or fold PF but having looked at it I like your line better. Mainly because of your relative position to the 3-bettor, you can put two cold to the field on the flop if you let him maintain the lead until then.nh.GB
  6. I think I like calling the flop 3-bet and raising the turn better. You're obviously not losing CO on the flop and there are a BUNCH of cards that can come kill your hand on the turn.GB
  7. I never do it. I still make plenty of money playing LHE.I have played HU matches where I do things like this, but never fullring or even SH.GB
  8. Not playing 100/200 myself (yet) I cannot confirm the theme of your post, but I do remember a Paul Phillips blog post from a couple years ago where he said something like this. Paraphrasing: "The difference in skill between regular players and the top pros is less significant than you might think." I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote, but it's on his blog somewhere I'm sure...GBPS - Nice avatar.
  9. Apparently you need to "think" more before you post about flaming when I was actually agreeing with you. But you're right, you have no idea who I am.I think bet/calling here is pretty bad. You lose 3 BB against an agro when he either has or makes the best hand, which is a significant percentage of the time (though not necessarily a majority) since there is very little chance you have him crushed in this situation. You win 0-3BB depending on his course of action when you have the best hand. If he's a thinking LAG on a draw, you'll likely win around around .5BB if he calls, whiffs the river,
  10. You have aces up against an aggrodonk on a dry board. Cap the turn. If he leads the river just call, otherwise bet it.GB
  11. My god, that advice sucks ***. Somehow I missed that we picked up a straight, a flush, and a straight-flush draw on the turn. Ok, so scratch that last bit... it's a bet/call on the turn, and probably a check/fold on the river if he raised the turn. If he didn't raise the turn, I like check/calling the river to give him a chance to bluff. GB
  12. Neither of these are wa/wb. If you think you have the best hand in hand 2, bet/3-bet the flop and bet the turn. If raised you can probably fold.GB
  13. I agree. Shutting out a player that could pay us off for 2BB to showdown is -EV. Oh, and I am very much capping this flop. Don't think it's close, really.GB
  14. When was the server compromised? Anyone got a link?GB
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