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  1. Bouchard and Zidlicky are both skating and Zidlicky sounds like he is a go for Thursday versus the Sabres.Trade rumors are circulating around Marion Gaborik and according to the podcast I get from the Wild talks are in progress. I dont really want to see Marion go but the way his agent makes it sound is that we arent going to be able to resign him so a trade early on in the season might be the way to go.

  2. Looks like Kolanos didnt play after all. I heard on the Pondcast that they were calling him up but something must have changed before the game. Ugly game but 2 points is 2 points. I wasnt sure who Lemaire was going to go with in the shootout with Bouchard injured and Nummelin gone but it worked out.

  3. There is going to be lots of young guys in the lineup tonight. Cal Clutterbuck was in the lineup Thursday and Krys Kolanos is being called up tonight with all the injuries. As long as that line of Koivu-Miettenen-Burnette stays hot I like our chances.

  4. Why is that so bad? I never bagged on him at all. .. . talked poker the entire way.... tryed to help when i could..... I stuck with him the entire way, talking about hands with him...... I did ask for a steak, im not begging! AND besides that, all you jokers are sitting quietly until he says "STEAKS" and then ALL of you will jump at the chance of free money..... Do you see me at threads asking for money? no. Do i beg? no. . . and if i ask and he says no, then that is fine. but if he says yes and then rails me one day when i FT..... you better BELIEVE that he is getting a steak, a big fat NEW YORK STEAK..... THAT is the karma......
    asking for stakes in a thread where a guy has just made money is a no no. Read your forum etiquitte handbook I think its on page 27.
  5. He started hot last year as well and played awful at the end of the year.On the betting front why does the Over 5.5 on the Minnesota, Tampa Bay game at +110 look good as well as +110 for the Wild to win.
    Honestly so far this year Gaborik hasnt done a whole lot. Lemaire stuck him with some bad line sthe first couple games and he is hurt now, but just becasue hes out, (I think he still is) doesnt mean that the hottest line in the leage, Koivu Miettenen and Burnette arent going to make up for it. But its the third road game in a row and I dont know the stats for that. Ok im doe with the thread hijack just my thoghts.
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