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  1. Got a question me and a friend are in a bar league where you pick all the winners and we are torn on these three games. I picked Miami over Buffalo, San Diego over New Orleans and Cleveland over Jacksonville. those are the only three that we dont agree on any thoughts? He wants me to change at my discretion but if i go in there I aint coming out til closing time lol.

  2. Went to Arena Sports Grill and Bar at the Commerce casino last night, downed a couple of rum and coke and walked to the Poker room. While waiting for an open seat at the $4/$8 LHE, they've announced an new table for $40 NL and they need players, so I grabbed a seat on that table.First hand, folded to me at MP, got pocket 6's, I raised the pot 3X the blinds, cutoff went all-in, button went all in too, SB folded but BB went all in too, I know I'm getting the odds but I still have 17BB so I folded. They opened their cards, cutoff has AK offsuit, button has Pocket 5's(wow), and BB has A9 offsuit(wtf).Board turned out to be, (J,J,7,2,T), so Pocket 5's grabbed the $115 pot, I could've won without flopping a set. That kind a tilted me a bit, after a couple of rounds I got Pocket Ten's and went all in with my remaining 10X blinds after 2 limpers, BB called me with Q9 suited, he spiked a Queen on the turn and I reloaded.This $40 NL is an all in fest, it can be fun but not the game for grinders, you can not win regularly on this game.So I went home break even after I delivered my own bad beats, I cracked Pocket Kings and rivered a gutshot on somebody, I walked in the house and my relatives are watching this Spartan movie "300", I enjoy watching this movie not only because of topless nice abs men but the visual effects are stunning.There is actually a rumor of another Spartan movie and my main man Chuck Norris will star on it and I believe the title of the movie is "1".Here's preview of what you're going to see on that new Spartan movie, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm215HDfQ1E
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