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    JusHold1time: you look like an idiot tomagnus72fcp: Its not me its Justin LongJusHold1time: Lol put guy pictures on your avatarJusHold1time: lolJusHold1time: Good jobmagnus72fcp: lol whos in your pic a girl behind that mask?JusHold1time: your an idiotkajunWPT [observer]: lolI know you frown on poker content but I thought this was funny.
  2. Sorry to sidetrack the thread, but what happened to the 440s? they arent around tonigh.
  3. OK heres an update.....Im three tabling and drunk right now so bear with me. I partied like a rockstar (as much as you can be a rockstar in Morthern Minnesota). She worked all weekend during the day. I seen her Saturday night like I already discussed, and I didnt make a move but she explained why she didnt ride home with us, she made a point that I know that she didnt ride home with my ride because she had a sober ride home. So actually that was Friday night she didnt ride home form the after party, but I seen her Saturday night and she said she would have been right with us at the bar b
  4. I thought Hollywood was black. At least thats what I have been reading lately.
  5. PokerStars Game #21705665417: Tournament #116550520, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2008/11/02 16:10:24 ETTable '116550520 1359' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: STOLTZY72 (2150 in chips) Seat 2: Jworld (14870 in chips) Seat 3: magnus72fcp (2560 in chips) Seat 4: sol1ps (2940 in chips) Seat 5: TheBarrel (3225 in chips) Seat 6: Operating (3850 in chips) Seat 7: Melon01 (6865 in chips) Seat 8: projsup (3000 in chips) Seat 9: TrinnityELE (2070 in chips) Jworld: posts small blind 75magnus72fcp: posts big blind 150*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to magnus72fcp [Ad Ah]sol1ps: folds TheBarrel
  6. I still cry every time I watch that movie.Good luck sounds like you will be making some big bank hopefully you dont spend it all and put some away.
  7. I admit I didnt see any of the game or highlights yet but Kudos to the Bruins to beating what I think is a top three Western conference team.
  8. I know you can which is what made my post funny to me. Sorry I will stay out of it.
  9. Leave BigDMcgee alone IM GETTING SICK OF THIS. lol
  10. Drunk Update: I saw her tonight at the bar. I was at the abr earlier to have lunch and just ended up never leaving. Nut I didnt try to make a move on her when I was obviosly hammered. I was busy taking care of my riends who were drunker than me and she was laughing at that and also noticing how considerate I was even though I was in a drunken state as well. So she works tomorow but I will call her around noon and see if she wants to get together for supper. Or supre for you canadians.
  11. Update: I text her and told her the Mac and Cheese would be ready aroun 12:30. She text me back and she is at work right now so i will try to get something going for tonight later. lol I hate when I start threads when i am drunk just as much as you guys do.
  12. Back in the day when I was about 19 years old I used to joke around with girls at parites and ask them over for some Maccaroni and Cheeese during the football game the next day. It became somewaht of a joke and every girl that knew me well had heard the line at least a couple of times. Since than I have moved to a town not far from the town I grew up in but a different town none the less. Its been over two years that I have actually lved in this town and the people I sse out at the bar now are alot of the same people I used to party with when I was 19 or so. Anyways there is this girl that
  13. That is a crappy run. Maybe time to take a day or two off or switch over to tournies for a session.Or just wake up tommorow and keep playing solid and it will turn around.
  14. I won by 1.5 points. One more ten yard pass from Manning to Wayne and I would have lost. Started out the season 0-6 and won the last two weeks and am now only one or two games out of being in the playoffs lol. Wish I wouldnt have got pissed after week 6 and traded AP. Mewelde Moore has been my best midseason 3 am pick up.
  15. Ok thats what I kind of thought but missed it thanks.I hate Petrellis father have ever since Tilt lol.
  16. He will just get Ray to bet double since there wasnt a Sunday night game.
  17. lol at the suitcase full of spare change and highlighters.
  18. Wish I would have seen this thread 12 hours ago.
  19. http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/...QL7PQLanchO7DiUIf you have Minnesota defense you can go ahead and get rid of them. Pat and Kevin Williams are both being suspended 4 games for the same pills Deuce Mccallister was using.
  20. No I havent really watched a whole lot since football season started and Heroes started up again so thats where I missed it. So is there a way to get this channel? I have Dish Network and saw that it was on a different channel last Friday but Im not sure I want to upgrade my package just for that, I already have America's top 250 you would think Smackdown would be on one of those channels.
  21. I like him, he hasnt really done a whole lot pointswise so far but with the veterans to learn from on the team I think hes going to show a lot of progress this year. That is if he stays up with the team.
  22. I know that. It was his first goal though is why I was saying.
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