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  1. I flopped a straight flush about a month ago, another guy flopped the Ace high flush and a third guy flopped top two pair. On the turn the board paired giving the third guy the full house and I got the maximum chips out of both of them. Then I went and blew it all on blackjack in about twenty minutes.
  2. This was my first CD to. Actually i got two at christmas but I opened this one up before Billy Ray Cyrus and Achy Breaky Heart.
  3. I never been to the Hinkeley casino is it better then the Mille Lacs poker room?
  4. It wasnt really a mistake I was just a bit slower then GoStags
  5. The best way to beat the casino playing blackjack is to sit down with between 2-3 hundred bucks and bet at least $25 a time. You will either win pretty big or end up losing a couple hundred bucks, but if the cards fall your way right away you could walk out with $1500 in two shoes.
  6. Sounds like the winner of Lake Tahoe could have said that one.
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