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  1. Tigers vs. Twins mathcup should be a great one this weekend. Great pitching on both sides, it might come down to which catcher has the better bat.
  2. This is bullcrap, hes the best analyst of any sport that ESPN had.
  3. Yeah, he says all that Sunday then yesterday he apologizes and takes 100% responsibilty for the crash.Well taking responsibility isn't exactly going to give Carl Edwards his day back.Tony has got to quit wrecking people just because they might get on his bad side in the middle of a race.Like the whole deal with Kenseth at Daytona, Matt could have been seriously injured in that crash and Tony just shurs it off and doesn't care.
  4. Anybody heard anymore on the trade rumor of Soriano going to the White Sox?
  5. The White Sox are 7 1/2 games back and are 2-8 in their last ten ball games.There is no way they are going to catch up to the Tigers who keep winning and winning. The White Sox aren't even going to come in second place in the AL central.
  6. With the Minnesota Twins only three games back from the Chicago White Sox in the Wild Card race, they kick off a three game series tonight in Chicago.After the series is over on Wednesday, the Twins and White Sox will be in a two way tie for the Wild Card lead. With Loriano, Radke and Sanatana all pitching in the Detroit series to follow, its pretty clear that this time next week the Twins will be in sole possesion of the Wild Card lead.
  7. Top 5 Reasons the Twins are winning the Wild Card Race5. Joe Nathan4. Joe Mauer3. Justin Morneau2. Johan Santana1. Francisco Loriano
  8. A trip to the post office and the parts store and hello weekend.
  9. Those Gossebumps books sucked.
  10. I got it. I was disappointed when I ripped through the dark plastic cover and it was just a poker magazine.
  11. I didn't realize how big that couch aws but with the entire Simpson's family on there, there is still about half of it left.I didn't think that couch could look much better but that Simpson's pic is great.
  12. Yeah but hes got a big draw for the turn and river, and is most likely taking the low half of the pot.
  13. I used to play HORSE all the time in high school during lunch. I quit playing all together though because its just to hard for me to get the basketball in the hoop.
  14. The Twins are winning the wild card because of numbers 1 and 2 on this list.Foxsports
  15. Oh my god that couch is fearless.
  16. Just got done reading this entire thread. Hiliarious. Over a year ago I got pocket Aces in a tourney in my local casino. Blinds were getting high and I raised all in pre flop on the button. The big blind calls me with Krablar. (I think he was just getting bored and wanted to get his old rich butt back to the blackjack table.) Anyways the thrid card on the flor is a three, turn King, river three. The old guy says, I knew I was going to fill up with that hand. I have hated it ever since.After reading this thread though I might have to try it out this weekend so I can do the dance. Pinch Pin
  17. Yankees and White Sox are out. Twins win the Wild Card.
  18. I had my first bout with tequila last night. I got seven down before they came back up. Thats after a whole day tubing down the river and downing beers.
  19. I have to say I agree with Royal_Tour on this one. Talk like this does happen all the time online and in live action. A player saying "somebody call this joker" isn't going to change the cards that the other players are holding in their hands. If a player is holding a good hand he is going to call you either way, and if he is holding a crappy hand he is going to fold it no matter what anyone else says.
  20. I hear ya. I hate how you will just be sitting there and tehy come and rub on your leg, but its a hot day and you don't want the stupid cat rubbing on your leg, so you try push the cat away but it just keeps on coming to try rub up on you.
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