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  1. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.I was 2nd big stack on the final table of Sunday FTOSP satallite. I raised utg with AK and got reraised by a large stack. I donk-pushed and ran into AA. Failed to get in, so far...Better day tomorrow?
    Tommorow is Saturday buddy its always a better day then todayGood Luck Tommorow
  2. I know its not the best time to say this becasue you guys are all busy watching the main event live, but I just went from newbie to regular and didnt notice it for at least two or three whole posts.PS: I am sorry for cloggin the threads with my drunken babble it wont be a regular occurence.

  3. I'm thinking of the lighting system falling on Jamie Gold
    I think that with a last name like Binger...that guy has to win it all.......wait a minute every other person or thing I have routed for the last week has went down so i will just say go Jaime take it down buddy.
  4. Do you believe EVERYTHING you see on TV?Robert Varkonyi did not win the World Champion.OJ Simpson was NOT guilty.Tim Allen's career is dead.BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI now believe my TV is spying on me.Just as I hit Reply, the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercial came on. And I'm NOT watching TV Land.
    I am drunk and I am LMAO right now, gotta think of something positive after Allen goes down right?
  5. Jamie gold claims that he knew he was in a coinflip situation when allen reraises all in after a rasie and a call when hes already a shortstack. He also claims he was getting odds when he was getting like 1.5-1 at most in the potSUCH A ****ING DONKEY THAT CANT MISS A SINGLE ****ING HAND AND TRIED TO DOUBLE UP THE BEST PLAYER AT THE TABLE WITH KING ****ING JACK
    You see kids this is exactly why I dont get overexcited for the timberwolves every year.
  6. I'm in it for the long haul...I will not relent to stupid meaningless things like sleep...or sex, or sex while I'm asleep.
    I was so close to having sex while I wa asleep last night.....I was so pissed when I woke up.
  7. From ESPN:Name: Jamie GoldWhat will he buy with the winnings: Gold will pay for the medical expenses of his father, who has ALS.Name: Richard LeeWhat will he buy with the winnings: N/AName: Erik FribergWhat will he buy with the winnings: Go on a vacation, may never work again. "Maybe I'll find a new game."Name: Paul WasickaWhat will he buy with the winnings: Donate to the Bad Beat on Cancer, specifically to lung cancer. Also, his current car does not have air conditioning, so he's looking forward to a new car.Name: Douglas KimWhat will he buy with the winnings: An Armani suit, but besides that, invest most of it.Name: Rhett ButlerWhat will he buy with the winnings: Ensure that his children's educations are taken care of. Name: Michael BingerWhat will he buy with the winnings: Invest it, build his bankroll. Name: Dan NassifWhat will he buy with the winnings: N/AName: Allen CunninghamWhat will he buy with the winnings: He's already has the money to buy whatever he wants. :club:
    Thats why I love you Timmy
  8. Just watching updates, I noticed how weak each player seems to be in almost every hand. Most good players would have re-raised most of this crap with nothing and hauled the pot down. STOP BEING BITCHES AND WIN THIS ****.A ***** will never win this tourney, that's why Gold is raping everyone. The money doesn't matter, and he doesn't want to win because of the fame. So, he raises and re-raises almost every hand, and he's going to go HU because of it. I'll put... $10 on it.Just noticed how Paul Wasicka just doubled through Gold. Total fluke, that kid should be out now. Gold should have like 60 million now.
    These guys are so weak....must have played like crap to pass up 8800 other players......idiot
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