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  1. Especially that $450 buyin tourney.I would love to go to Foxwoods one day. That's an 8 hour drive for me while AC is only about 5.5. Next year youth regionals for reffing is in Maine so maybe I'll rent a car a drive back down instead of flying, and stop there.Has anybody gotten together an FCP AC trip? Figured out a way to get cool people there w/o saying "uh don't be old"?
    I almost won a trip to the WPT event there two years ago. It was a $375 buy-in qualifier at the same casino I am going to tonight and I played a guy heads up for over an hour and finally went card dead and he took her down. We got offered $3500 to split the money and give the trip to some guy, but I wanted that trip so bad I wasn't making any deals. Right after the guy beat me heads up, he sold his seat which is a $10000 buy in and a week over there for $8000. I was so pissed you can't imagine. I got $2200 for second which is my biggest cash to date still but it just urks my tater, especially when I had the guy all in four times in that hour.
  2. I would kill to have a decent poker room 1.5 hours away and a buddy that lived even closer. Pretty sure VA is the furthest state away from Casinos. That sucks. I hate last place.End rant. Does Alaska/Hawaii have 'em?
    I am not sure on Alaska or Hawaii. I have never been out the mainland United States. Which is pretty pathetic because I only live about two hours from teh Canadian border.Anyways, I was checking out the Heartland Poker Tour website just now and it looks like they are having an event pretty close to me. Only a three hour drive for a $450 buy-in. I went to this one last year but I partied til 3:30 in the morning and took off for the tournament at 6, that was not a good idea. They take the top 20 percent to the final day and I went out I think seven people short of making it.
  3. I am going to check a tourney at a local casino tonight that I haven't been to for over a year. $25 buy-in, no limit, and I think the house is throwing in like $500 bucks or something to.Last year this same tourney used to be limit for the first hour with unlimited rebuys but they changed that format thankfully.I heard first place is around like $450-600 depending on how many players show up, so its not a bad investment for $25 bucks.The only thing is its an hour and a half away from where I am living now, so I am drivin about half way and hopping in with my buddy in his fusion.

  4. wow, i got some major dap in this thread. thanks guys.for the record, i'm not even wearing underwear right now. i've been totally pantsless for nearly 4 days now, and it might even get close to 6 thanks to the FCHL draft.in appreciation for the kind words, I found out two much better Lohan boobshots.NSFWthough that should be pretty damn obviousQE - links didn't work, sorry.
    WOW. I envy you dude, Ive never had a day the whole summer where I could do taht.
  5. I got new information this weekend that I might be getting a new couch from my sister. She is buying my moms house and has no use for it so I get to inherit it. It is one of those hide-a-bed couches and is between a couch and a love seat length wise. Either way its got to be better then my futon so I am pretty pumped. The only thing that sucks is those hide-a-beds are so damn heavy.

  6. piclw0.jpg^^^ better way to start this postso i've been gradually losing my hair since i was 18, which sucks. ever since i noticed extra strands on my pillow in the morning, i've been using either Therapy G or Nioxin to futily attempt to hold on to the little bit of ravishing locks i still have/had, which has helped slow down the process, but recently i've noticed an overall thinner look to my head. so tonight i decided to beat nature to the punch, and just cut it all off.what do you guys think?untitledle6.jpg(actual photo)
    Looks Good. I got a question though, why did you cut your ears off too?
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