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  1. no big deal, thats one more first place available
  2. Ill ship you one too becasue the hate hate relationship between you two ammuses me.Ok thats it lets hop in 3055
  3. shipped my fellow minnesotanI guess we finally got snow up here, i didnt know I was on teh computer the whole time.If the rest of you want to barrage that would be great, I see that Stake Pie hopped in one already and thats alirght I never said any different.
  4. shippedif you can I would like if we can barrage one, if not I dont care gl in your other tourney
  5. I had what I would consider one of the top five worst days of my life today. I got home from work and finished 2nd in a $4.40 and want to give some back.Im giving out 4 $4.40 stakes 50/50 no stake backI will probably be drunk before the tourney starts, but lets have some fun tonight.
  6. finished 2nd and 9th, but the night is yound thanks for the rails guysshould have had that one when i was heads up
  7. currently 4/4. I was down to 2500 when I lost and AJ<Ak to shorted stack on button six handed. Also itm in another one.
  8. Ill tell you when I get out of my bomb shelter.
  9. finally made it back to one1190515867/9hopefully we bump tis a lot tonight
  10. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $4.00+$0.40 Tournament, 125/250 Blinds 25 Ante (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comMP3 (t3650)CO (t18650)Button (t29000)SB (t9365)BB (t4498)Hero (UTG) (t19235)UTG+1 (t7735)MP1 (t5315)MP2 (t6270)Hero's M: 32.06Preflop: Hero is UTG with 9, 9Hero calls t250, 2 folds, MP2 calls t250, 2 folds, Button calls t250, SB raises to t1000, 1 fold, Hero calls t750, 1 fold, Button calls t750Flop: (t3725) 2, 5, 6(3 players)SB bets t1000, Hero raises to t3000, 2 foldsTotal pot: t5725The guy tanks and says 10 10 in the chat box. Can he say that before he m
  11. gl to your horses, sucks about the tickets, on the bright side you wont get your ass kicked in a mosh pit. (dont evne know if they do those at smashing pumpkins)I normally would apply for a stake but I had a crappy day at work and dont think I would be worth a damn tonight so Im just going to spew off about $20 of my bank roll and get drunk.
  12. I think he made a bet where if he lost he had to leave the forum.
  13. To answer your question Knoxxxy i fodl A8 in that spot becasue you are probaly lookign at a shove from a bigger hadn the majority of the time.OK is there just no no limit ontihgt or what? I might as well go to bed???
  14. ok well im using my $72 winnings and entering the $36 180 turbo they got goin.....somebody please stop meedit: I guess its cancelled.
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