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  1. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the ones that actually film video clips of the game as well. You can easily find the ones that take snap shots for cheap. Have you checked Ebay yet?
    No all I went to was Gander Mountains website and I looked at everyone they ahd and they all had bad reviews, but I suppose someone with a good review wont write one.
  2. My dad has 1 one the back property at the house...loves it and loves showing me the pics when I come over. Not sure of the brand, but I'd bet he spent less than $200 bucks.I'll see if I can get some info from my dad for you.
    TY, maybe I can swing this into a three way christmas gift since my brother in law would love it and he always gets the shaft
  3. It's not unreachable by any means, once you realize that the only thing that matters is getting that points per ring number up as high as possible by not crashing, you can pretty much play forever. I only stopped at 43 million because my shift was over that night and I was getting bored.
    I got to like 1300 and I was like f this
  4. I'm thinking (yes it hurts) of a song.It is by the Temptations, I feel it describes the current situation we are all dealing with.Name the song and get a ten buck freebie on Poker Stars.Offer is open as long as I am awake.WOO HOO!
    PotoI was wondering what the hell happened to you
  5. ?
    I swear to god it said your retarded. Just like in Jeepsters avatar but i dont know what the heck happened between that and when i posted it. Now I do feel like an idiot, especially three days later.edit: I reread it and I was laughing at his missuse of your and you're sorry I will get outta here again.
  6. Yeah I guess its my "tactic" to limp in on these pots and then make decisions afterwards. Since he was the button and the flop was so dry I figured he whiffed on it. I was wrong but he still folded.Im wondeing about his chat, can he say he has tens then shove?? Because I dont think I would have called after he said that, but I would have if I wouldnt have seen it.

  7. Oh sweet, the game still has my high score from a couple months ago saved:stuntpilot.jpg
    I was playing this game a couple days ago and seen how you thought it was whatever game you ruled ass in. I start reading the rest of the thread which doesnt involve the game at all, and then bam there you are with your unreachable high score. I am laughing so hard right now.
  8. Im thinking of getting my brother in law and my nephews one of those cams you strap to the tree and it takes pictures of the wildlife that walk by all day long. I have been looking around and all the reviews I have read are not good. I dont really want to spend over $200 on one. Wondering if anyone here has ever used one and could point me in the right direction.My buddy has one at his hunting lodge and they have great pictures of bears walking up there driveway all hours of the day, but hes got big bucks so his probably cost at least a grand. Know if I can get a decent one for a decent price?

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