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  1. As long as you're alive, get your ass on my show Friday. We'll make a big special.Old fart returns from the dead. Then we'll send you to Africa to feed some kids, fly you back in a billion dollar jet, and laugh at how everybody else lives.
  2. A couple hundred thousand is chump change. Make a couple hundred million then we'll talk.
  3. Oprah

    The Hideout

    Truely child no one wants to see a fight. Those grown men are not proud of what they did and there is no need for you to replay that bad moment in their life. Think about this, would you like to have a stranger watch you particpate in a horrific act? Treat others as you would like to be treated and you'll live a much better life. Look at me, I'm a billion dollar black women and living a great life. I don't dance around that white ***** Ellen Degerate. I earned my money dammit! I sit in a chair all day and pretend I know everything.
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