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  1. Nice pot, dog.So if I knock out Lee, that means I get $200?
  2. 6k at 2nd break. Lost a 1k pot hand right before break. At Lee Watkinson's table.
  3. Alright, yeah I pushed back thinking the only hand he could've called the big raise that has me beat is 99. I thought he might have a flush draw. Instead he had 55 for a set. My friend questioned my play saying I shouldn't have risked my stack. I was just wondering what everyone else thought.
  4. $69 + $6 TournamentBlinds: 120/240 Ante 25Hero : 11,115Villain 1 : 8,255Villan 2 : 4,509Dealt: Qh, Qd on the button.Villain 1 limps.Villain 2 limps.Hero raises to 850.Villain 1 calls.Villain 2 calls.Flop: 3c, 5h, 9hVillain 1 bets the pot, 3210.Villain 2 folds.What is your play here? Just got moved to the table so no reads. Hero is in 11th in chips with 140 remaining and 45 places pay if that makes a difference.
  5. im in. currently at 4620. Got AA in the BB and it was folded 2 me.
  6. Busted in this tourney when i flopped a str8 w/ KQ and AJ caught runner runner 4 the boat. Ahh well.
  7. Good call sir.Full Tilt Poker Game #1389554743: The $75,000 Mulligan (9162513), Table 15 - 4000/8000 Ante 1000 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:24:11 ET - 2006/12/11Seat 1: KejoNo1 (169,920)Seat 2: OriloBones (148,669)Seat 3: mman_status (86,259)Seat 4: Hixx (102,486)Seat 5: jerseygirl81 (210,038)Seat 6: HazMeRico (299,496)Seat 7: bigt439 (148,500)Seat 8: BKiCe (125,814)Seat 9: RegDunlop (67,818)KejoNo1 antes 1,000OriloBones antes 1,000mman_status antes 1,000Hixx antes 1,000jerseygirl81 antes 1,000HazMeRico antes 1,000bigt439 antes 1,000BKiCe antes 1,000RegDunlop antes 1,000HazMeRico posts the small bli
  8. I would say there's a 99.99999% chance that that same guy would've done the exact same thing you did.You're playing to win the guy's money and all his chips. It's not your fault he disconnected. Unless you're playing someone you know then it's different.
  9. May I ask what her tatoo means? Call me stupid but I don't understand:"Say yes when nobody will."
  10. Foster - Solid back but splits time and is battling injury but plays a bad run defense. Possible.Fargas - Back up back who is going up against a Charger Defense who is just about as good as any out there? No way.Gado - Houston is a bad team with a bad OLine. No way.Moore - Arizona actually has a good secondary and Brad Johnson has no arm and Vikings offense sucks.I'd go with Foster if I was you. He seems like the only guy with potential for over 100 yards.
  11. the frickin Krablar knocks out the MatadorFull Tilt Poker Game #1202886270: $350,000 Guarantee (7992370), Table 212 - 30000/60000 Ante 7500 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:16:45 ET - 2006/11/06Seat 5: 1stueyungar1 (3,913,640)Seat 8: CarlosMortensen (757,268)Seat 9: The-Toilet 0 (1,347,092)1stueyungar1 antes 7,500CarlosMortensen antes 7,500The-Toilet 0 antes 7,500The-Toilet 0 posts the small blind of 30,0001stueyungar1 posts the big blind of 60,000The button is in seat #8*** HOLE CARDS ***CarlosMortensen raises to 749,768, and is all inThe-Toilet 0 folds1stueyungar1 calls 689,768CarlosMortensen shows [6
  12. I'm thinkin thru all the years Chip and Doyle have played together, Doyle has to have some sort of tell on Chip.
  13. Definitely thinkin 1stueyungar1 satellited in, the guy's sharkscope shows his avg. SnG at $16.
  14. Well first off, I'm part of College Republicans in my school and people were asking him questions and he was giving a little speech too. So I asked him the question about what was so wrong with Online Poker that he attached it to a bill that had absolutely nothing to do with Online poker.His reponse - "To protect young people like you from playing games way over your head."Well that pissed me off to say the least and I basically just left before I took his *** out. In my question I mentioned that it would raise $3 billion in tax revenue and that big countries like UK were regulating and cont
  15. Doyle Brunson has roughly 750,000 to start the hand and Chip Reese has about 1.2 million.Doyle raises to 70,000 with QQChip Reese calls with KKDavid Singer calls with 66Flop: 7-2-3Doyle bets 240,000.Chip Reese raises to 500,000David Singer folds.Doyle Brunson thinks for awhile then folds and accidentally exposes a Queen.How the hell do you fold Queens in that spot? You've committed about half your stack and you've got an overpair. 99.99% of the world goes bust with that hand. Chip could have anything in that spot and be raising - 44, 55, 66, 88, 99, 1010, JJ, QQ, or just Ace high but Doyle
  16. Well as I said above, I talked to McCain and asked him his view on Online Gambling and he basically told me he didn't know much about Online Gambling because "I don't do computers, I'm too old. Anytime I need something done for a computer I pick up some 12 year old off the street to fix it." He said laughing.This Thursday I get the opportunity to meet with Bill Frist himself. I'm looking forward to why he felt the need to push the Online Gambling law.
  17. Balloon Guy basically took all the words out of my mouth on everything. Congratulations sir.
  18. Hi guys, I am getting the opportunity to interview John McCain (R Senator from Arizona) and there's no way I'm leaving out the Online Gambling Act out of my interview. What questions should I ask?
  19. I'm currently 6-0 in my league. Next week's lineup:QB - Peyton ManningRB - Brian WestbrookRB/WR - Warrick DunnWR - Plaxico BurressWR - Marvin HarrisonTE - Jeremy ShockeyD - Jaguars DK - Mike VanderjadgtMy first pick was Shaun Alexander which has hurt me a lot, but I started both TO and Torry Holt last week which helped me squeak by with a win, Peyton had a bye last week and I started Rex Grossman (-7 points last week).
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