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  1. Why would the player with 10's muck it to begin with, when the other player says "Ace high?"The guy with 10's should lose the pot for stupidity's sake so he doesn't do it again.
  2. I swear my last couple days have been the gayest ever and this hand just capped it.All folds to SB who completes. I'm in the BB with A5 and check. Flop: 234. Golden. He bets 1/2 the pot and I raise him 3x his bet. Suddenly, he moves in. What the hell? I have like 180 chips committed and have 1800 behind and he has 60 chips committed and has 2k behind. All in for 200some chips? Could he really have 56? I call.He has 49. Turn: 2. River: 4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Then to cap it off he says the followng:"thought u were drawing, had to protect my hand"I don't say
  3. Erick should be careful, he's not exactly the biggest guy to be talking trash to a roid user.
  4. Tourney at a casino in which a guy moved all in in the dark UTG with 3x the blinds left after he had just lost a big hand. He got dealt AA but the BB was the chip leader and called him with 52 of clubs and flopped a flush. Haha
  5. "we have it set up battleship style"hahahaa
  6. Edward Norton = amazing actor.Plays Worm, Tyler Durden and Derek Iforgothislastnamebutitsthecharacterfromamericanhistoryx3 completely different characters all played extremely well."You should've played those Kings Mike."Haha.
  7. I can't watch it for another 5 minutes, for some reason it starts at 2 Central here. D'oh! Stevie Z gets knocked out? Didn't see that one coming. The guy was playing so friggin tight. He played what, one hand so far? Aces?"Let's play limp poker."
  8. What r the odds of getting AA back to back hands....and in both hands the villain has AA as well?I wonder if I can find the HH.
  9. Full Tilt Poker Game #1528463401: $25,000 Guarantee (10676645), Table 56 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:24:45 ET - 2007/01/03Seat 1: Chudmeister (2,200)Seat 2: _AA_Nimrod (4,100)Seat 3: tardonk (2,030)Seat 4: brucev (1,840)Seat 5: fenrich (2,345)Seat 6: SilentNDeadly3 (2,530)Seat 7: SCONCAT (1,680)Seat 8: kiki1028 (1,890)Seat 9: SuperDave25 (5,055)fenrich posts the small blind of 80SilentNDeadly3 posts the big blind of 160The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SilentNDeadly3 [2h As]SCONCAT foldskiki1028 foldsSuperDave25 foldsChudmeister folds_AA_Nimrod foldstardonk foldsbrucev ra
  10. $20 says there's still someone out after the first hand.
  11. I heard DN lost all his money going to the hair salons with Marco.
  12. 2410 at first break, i dont think i've hit a flop yet
  13. Trying one more time, if this doesnt work just count me out I guess.
  14. Mine got declined....dont know why, trying again.
  15. My apologies, I'm just venting after losing to 3 straight overpairs vs. underpairs to bust out of a tourney and then I look at them and they're lucky as .....
  16. I swear, I introduce my friends to online poker and they go on the biggest card rushes of their lives. For example:Story #1Told my friend about online poker but he didn't wanna put down $50 which is the minimum deposit. So he gives me $10 and I transfer his account $10. He plays a $5 SnG wins it. Catching AA 3 of 4 hands. He plays two more $5 SnG's and wins those and runs his $10 into around $90. Currently he hasn't been catching cards and has been on the downswing ever since and I never hear the end of "how he never hits the flop." Everytime his AK misses a flop he bitches and moans ab
  17. Nooo, was HU in a SnG and the guy had 50 more chips than me. I'm getting blinded down!!!!Also in two MTT's. Ut oh.
  18. Full Tilt Poker Game #1510185457: $250,000 Guarantee (10521166), Table 52 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:45:06 ET - 2006/12/31Seat 1: rgwn01 (19,659)Seat 2: SilentNDeadly3 (11,137)Seat 3: live4music1 (15,106)Seat 4: PMJackson21 (16,293)Seat 5: Diggzy Brown (16,072)Seat 6: sliprock (4,220)Seat 7: potato chip (30,462)Seat 8: DaBolt (10,505)Seat 9: wonderwoman1 (15,400)rgwn01 antes 50SilentNDeadly3 antes 50live4music1 antes 50PMJackson21 antes 50Diggzy Brown antes 50sliprock antes 50potato chip antes 50DaBolt antes 50wonderwoman1 antes 50rgwn01 posts the small blind of 250SilentNDeadly
  19. I've created a monster. Lee is running over the table.
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