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  1. Other tournament....Better to be lucky....Full Tilt Poker Game #1569315920: $10 + $1 Tournament (10992535), Table 27 - 1000/2000 Ante 250 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:26:15 ET - 2007/01/10Seat 1: holk30 (21,892)Seat 4: Maestro773 (9,436)Seat 5: xryfusis (86,856)Seat 6: SilentNDeadly3 (12,786)Seat 8: Eschnur (57,177)Seat 9: thestone27 (42,094)holk30 antes 250Maestro773 antes 250xryfusis antes 250SilentNDeadly3 antes 250Eschnur antes 250thestone27 antes 250holk30 posts the small blind of 1,000Maestro773 posts the big blind of 2,000The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SilentNDeadly3 [7c 7
  2. RIGGED!!!!!I flop TP and OE and the other guy flopped the nuts. Luckily, I lost only 2k on it and he had me more than covered.8200 chips.
  3. True that. Best of upcoming luck to you two sirs.
  4. 20 until the money. 10.9k in chipsIn my other tourney I'm 11th with 26 left.
  5. My table is crazy, past 5 hands, 5 all ins. Need to doub up. 26hundo in chips.
  6. Full Tilt Poker Game #1569050224: Midnight Madness! (10996168), Table 3 - 100/200 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:31:47 ET - 2007/01/10Seat 1: skitopher (1,970)Seat 2: moon5302 (3,950)Seat 3: johngolf2000 (10,795)Seat 4: smoothmang (3,124)Seat 5: aussie5069 (5,872)Seat 6: RyanPist (2,688)Seat 7: Pneumothorax (5,400)Seat 8: SilentNDeadly3 (1,950)Seat 9: Bronxmikey (1,907)skitopher posts the small blind of 100moon5302 posts the big blind of 200The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SilentNDeadly3 [Qs Qd]Bronxmikey: nhjohngolf2000 foldssmoothmang calls 200aussie5069 foldsRyanPist foldsPneumoth
  7. Lucky You comes out in like March. I saw the previews and it looked dece.
  8. This just in.I will call a min bet with a gutshot.And I will hit.
  9. Ew at the limp. Ew at the push. gg sir. For some reason I blanked out and didn't register for that one.
  10. 2870 at first break. Took a hit when AsKs < AQo when I put the dude all in on the flop of 2s4s5h. :icon_frown:p.s. 12.5k at 2nd break in other $10 tourney that started an hour b4 this. Why can't I run this well in $24's? $20 says that Cinci starts pickin up hands while the rest of us go card dead.
  11. folded a str8 flush Limp in the hijack with 78 clubs. SB raises, BB comes over the top. I fold. Flopped an open ender str8 flush then turned it. If I had played.Thanks for the support Actuary.
  12. After gas you have what like, $15? Altho the tourney may be -EV, you gotta play it after coming all that way. You cash and you're guaranteed over $15 (I would assume).btw, triple up in the first 2 levels of the MM. Gotta love it. JJ vs 1010 on flop of 962. AJ vs 99 on board of 66JA4.
  13. 49 minutes into the 9 man SnG and not one person is out. Everyone is in push/fold mode. Lmao. I love this. Big stack at the table has less than 14x the blinds. Hah!
  14. My birthday is actually on June 6th at 12:01pm and the June 6th event starts at noon! Curses!!!!!sw
  15. In all seriousness, is PG actually good @ cash?
  16. Bleh, I missed out on this and the gf "doesnt wanna do anything due to hw." MM = in.
  17. In stud, you have two down cards and one up card to start.Jacks split is the following...Downcards: J , AUpcard: J99's or better wired is the following...Downcards: 99Upcard: AnythingSo "wired" cards are your down cards that are paired. Split pairs are when you have a down card that pairs your up card.Hope that made sense.
  18. People are power hungry douchebags. Guaranteed if one of them is in your spot they would flip if the table didn't let them take off $20.
  19. You're one of those guys who has no friends right?I actually "got in trouble" for this when me and my friend were the only ones in the pot (he was MP and I was BB) and we checked it down. He actually hit a set on the river but we went check check the whole way. I had like middle pair (he rivered me that son of a ***** ). Some old dude at the table flipped **** because we soft played each other. I actually got called a whippersnapper which was interesting. He actually dropped the F bomb as well. It was quite out of line.They knew we were friends because we joined the table at the same t
  20. I wish I could play. I'm whipped by the woman atm.
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