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  1. Full Tilt Poker Game #7592662191: FTOPS Event #9 (53834230), Table 469 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:08:26 ET - 2008/08/10Seat 1: PrtyPsux (3,463)Seat 2: IWNTCHUMLUVN (2,537)PrtyPsux posts the small blind of 15IWNTCHUMLUVN posts the big blind of 30The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to PrtyPsux [2h Th]PrtyPsux raises to 89IWNTCHUMLUVN calls 59*** FLOP *** [Kc 6d 2d]IWNTCHUMLUVN checksPrtyPsux bets 129IWNTCHUMLUVN calls 129*** TURN *** [Kc 6d 2d] [4s]IWNTCHUMLUVN checksPrtyPsux checks*** RIVER *** [Kc 6d 2d 4s] [Ah]IWNTCHUMLUVN has 15 seconds left to actIWNTCHUMLUVN bets 240PrtyPsux has 15 seconds left to actPrtyPsux raises to 649IWNTCHUMLUVN has 15 seconds left to actIWNTCHUMLUVN raises to 1,410PrtyPsux has 15 seconds left to actPrtyPsux has requested TIMEPrtyPsux calls 761*** SHOW DOWN ***IWNTCHUMLUVN shows [Jh Td] Ace King highPrtyPsux shows [2h Th] a pair of TwosPrtyPsux wins the pot (3,256) with a pair of Twos*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 3,256 | Rake 0Board: [Kc 6d 2d 4s Ah]Seat 1: PrtyPsux (small blind) showed [2h Th] and won (3,256) with a pair of TwosSeat 2: IWNTCHUMLUVN (big blind) showed [Jh Td] and lost with Ace King highhe waits about 5 hands :IWNTCHUMLUVN: that is amazingly bad...i know ur a a good player...but how easily in the rare occasion that i am bluffing would i not be bluffing with the best handPrtyPsux: I do this thing, when Akon's 'smack that' comes up in my itunes shuffle, I try to win every pot, it's a rare occasion, just unlucky you bluffed while that song had just started.The second part is not true, gg this guy. And I have to work for my bye :club:
    No disrespect to JC, but I still can't decide if this is one of the best or worst calls I've ever seen.
  2. I remember there was some big debate/speculation on some thread about how much the "Big Game" players pay in rake at Bobby's room. Some said it was normal rake, some said it was hourly.On PAD tonight Chau Giang and Doyle just confirmed it's $20/hr. And made the comment "It's the cheapest rake in the world."

  3. Oh, gman, will we ever get tired of your endless entertainment? I don't.OK, let's see. You're full of shit, and the vast majority of the content you post is nonsense. It's pretty obvious that you are either really lonely or a total fag. Either way you enjoy whatever attention you receive, and sometime along the way you realized that negative attention is just as good as positive attention. I think your original post about the energy drinks led you to see that the more outrageous you are here, the more attention you garner. Now, I think it's more of an act for you to keep being an attention whore. You probably don't have many friends, especially considering the way you have admitted acting around your girlfriend. I'm sure more people here know who you are than know you in real life. So you have to keep being outrageous here to keep from remembering how lonely you are.I stand by my original point that if you were who you are pretending to be, you wouldn't choose this avenue, or post what you have posted. Only losers begging for attention would put up a list like you did. People who have money, or have done anything that you listed, don't act like this. They don't throw their wealth in other people's faces, not like this. Is anyone else's bullshit detector going off?You enjoy the attention that you receive here, but when you are called to the carpet to prove what you post, you are no where to be found. Which is expected by most of us.Keep on keeping on, I'm glad it works for you. I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels nothing but pity for you.I don't suppose you would like to offer up some sort of 'proof' of what you are saying, so you can keep the ruse going for a little longer?Didn't think so.
    Ownings like this should be a felony.
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