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  1. Or you could....you know...just....not go on tilt....
  2. OP is very generous to donate to play money players with his own money.
  3. lol @ shippit - de-railing this thread to make it a bad beat thread about himself- making himself out to be the victim when he inevitably got flamed after he looked for sympathy after a 5 outer in the first level of a $55 MTT when OP posts multiple worse beats AND they were in Step 6 for a ~$12k package.- self-owning himself with the drcossack OPR. wp those who quoted it.
  4. BigD has spent more time on the poker forum than actually time spent playing poker. 'Nuff said.
  5. I love how people are rejoicing at ~$2/gallon gas.What robots we are.
  6. That's what I'm wondering. It looks to me like Chan played this hand 100% perfect, based on results, when a lot of people would get in trouble here and lose something more than his initial raise. Sure if you want to say it's not the sickest laydown ever, that's fine. But Chan played the hand perfect, but I guess perfect is only categorized as great and not amazing. I wish I played every hand perfect, regardless if it was only great and not amazing.
  7. As a guy who's never read General and only Gen Po before, this thread blew my mind. All the personalities I got to know of people who rarely post on gen po. I feel like I just discovered America, or something.I read it from beginning to end. wp everyone, wp.
  8. "I call I play the board" made me lol.No idea what the part of "Assuming poker chips are round" has to do with the answer or what "The square root of the lava lamp is champagne" has to do with it either. I'm so confuzzled.HEAD ASPLODE
  9. OP please post more. Your thinking truly is above the rim.
  10. Oh and nnb we need to play ncaa.
  11. I played gib in NCAA. Was up 14 with 3:30 left when he had the ball on his own like 30 yd line. He scored with 1:30 left after I dropped like 6 game-ending pick opportunities. W/e, still up 7. He gets the onside kick....sigh. I proceed to drop 2 pick opportunities and with 6 seconds left and he has the ball on my 40 yd line and I'm up 7. I play Quarter/Prevent and he launches a bomb that somehow goes over 3 defenders (who all whiff on the deflection) and his guy catches and scores. He goes for two and gets it and he wins with no time left. It was the most epic comeback I have ever seen
  12. Tell your mom, she sucks at Fantasy Football.
  13. Am I the only one who lol'd really hard at this? After all the paragraphs I read from navy about "keeping a level head," he ends up snapping. lolI apologize if someone else pointed this out, but this just really made me laugh.edit: omg 2000th post. what a waste.
  14. SilentButDeadly3

    Ask Greg

    Will I ever be forgiven?
  15. I haven't had a prob w/ you before this, Howard, but what "emotion" were you trying to convey when saying "there's a forum for this." Sarcasm? Sympathy? What emotion was it that was misunderstood? To me you were just being an insensitive dick.Flip roles. Take it from Baxter's shoes. After you just took a sick 70/30 beat on the river to be the bubble boy in what is probably one of the biggest tournaments you've ever played. You vent about it in a forum you frequent. Then some internet random says "there's a forum for this." I'm pretty sure you would be a little pissed.To OP: gg Mike.
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