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  1. The announcers are soooo cheesy/lame. But aasnake is hotter than I thought.
  2. My guess is, Ivey's played less tourneys than Hellmuth as well
  3. And....usually when you make paragraphs, they are all talking about the same thing.
  4. I follow the NBA ridic closely, and have all season and would be interested in having a solid convo about it and the playoffs. But you have no paragraphs and no organization in your post which makes it hard to read. You apparently jump from team to team, player to player with no transitions or anything resembling of the sort, just whatever pops into your brain first. Honestly, I don't even know where I would start in response to your OP.
  5. Paragraphs are your friend. As are complete, coherent thoughts.
  6. u just jealous i get more pussy, am better at poker, and just better at life than you
  7. I saw Michael Craig had like 105k w/ avg 90k. How the hell did he go from like 1 blind to that?
  8. Not many straight men openly admit that they love to shop as much as you and kevlar. So it's a pretty short list you're on.
  9. rofl, out in 750k before break, AA < JJ.dsffdfsd;fsdfsdfsdfsldf;sd
  10. No internet poker in Iowa either, and I cash out just fine. Gigabet is from Iowa as well and never got caught.Ummmm......lol @ picking Montana bc "gambling age is 18." Many other states where gambling age is 18.
  11. Why don't you guys pick a place/city where it's 18+ to gambool if you're actually going to do this?Edit: I guess I don't know your exact ages or whatnot or how soon you turn 21.
  12. Pretty sure the following happened:- Loosh makes WSOP circuit FT- Carroll makes same FT- They get HU- Loosh lost a flip for all the marbles (I think they were similar stacked)- Afterwards Carroll was talking about how he "PZ's people live." - Loosh posts on FCP how funny that was, just bc he won a flip, doesn't mean he owns souls- The End
  13. Heard you were rooting for Brandon Cantu at Bay 101
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