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  1. Yeah, they are running as of the 1st at Caesars. I really appreciate all your help!
  2. I am heading to Vegas this weekend and was wondering if any poker rooms were offering any satellites yet. I called the Rio and they said on May 28th they were starting. Just hoping some of you people in Vegas know of something. I will be there this Wed. the 30th and staying through the weekend. I appreciate any help in advance.
  3. Don't forget about the guy in the small blind who doesn't complete and then slams the table when the garbage flop comes. Same goes for trying to whisper to you every folded hand how he would've had bottom 2 pair or whatever. I use my headphones on either side to try and let these guys know I'm not into this every hand evaluation of what we would've had if we never folded! Good times! Continue...
  4. Thanks gator! I thought I was losing my mind or something. I hope to be taking a few of these down here in a few. GL everyone...
  5. I can't seem to find anything other than step 1's in the lobby. I have seen all of them running until last night and today. Congrats Eddie on your seat! I hope to follow........ is anyone else having problems finding any of the other steps? Thanks
  6. I'm using the auto import already and I'm working on creating a folder. Thanks fatman
  7. I have it posted over there as well but I wasn't getting any help. The files won't go away no matter where I put them on my computer. I just figured someone had encountered something similar. It works just fine on my PC with the same folders chosen. I know I can't be the only one. Thanks though
  8. I wasn't trying to waste your time, bro. Just figured one of you had the same problem before and had a quick answer. I will take all of your great suggestions and get it done. Thanks for.........everything!
  9. I just bought a new laptop and got my PT transferred over. Every time I close out my PT it says that I should check the box to have my files moved. I've had my PT for 3 years and I've never had this problem on my desktop PC. I am only having this problem on my laptop and none of the topics on their help site or on FCP are offering any help on sending these files somewhere on my comp. I think I've tried every option under the 'browse' option to see if it would work with no luck. I feel like this is something so easy and I'm making it so difficult. Thanks in advance for any answers or s
  10. I usually like to get to the river w/ this cheaply vs. the preflop raiser and I sure don't like the checked flop + the bet/raise on the turn. You don't have enough invested to make this move +ev. Easy fold to me. I am one to check/call to the river w/ same situation with less action. I think it's a pretty easy preflp call from the BB with most hands.
  11. Tough one Hoosier! Nice cash
  12. slim258

    Best Ps3 Games

    If you like racing games at all, Ridge Racer is so sweet. It's an arcade style racing game that is just insanely fast. That and Madden are about all I play though. Good Luck!
  13. Tickets are $1500 and its played at the Hard Rock Live and is hosted by Magic Johnson and Ozzy and Sharon. I thought that could be a pretty cool experience while I was down there but they only sell the tickets in pairs. Needless to say, my friends would not be into spending that on a lost cause(I can't blame them!). If anyone is interested or has any info on the tourney, I would love to hear back. Let's go bust up some Osbournes!
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