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    Is this the starting point for the argument against Christianity? i.e. You really want to believe in a God who is that irrational and harsh? It contradicts the ontological argument for God's existence which is basically a prerequisite for belief in the Christian god.Eh?
  2. People are asses all the time. I think how you handle it is a greater sign of the type of person you are....handling it by reporting him is one of the bad signs.I mean, you actually stooped below his level.
  3. Ironic you feel this since your own, self-described, tipping method is base DIRECTLY on how much your bill was. Do the waiters at an expensive retaurant deserve more for refilling your drink than the waiters at Denny's??
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    in, i feel good about things.
  5. Do they also enjoy nascar racing and killing animals for sport?
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    To Be Honest

    Seems like you have a bit too much faith in our judicial system. But I guess a lot of your beliefs are based on faith alone aren't they?
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    To Be Honest

    What evidence to you have to the contrary? Basically all you're saying is.."Michael Vick is innocent because he hasn't been proven guilty in a court of law." Do you see that this is illogical?
  8. What would Jesus say to you Lois, you both know and care, inexplicably.
  9. What a farce. so the dog in the oven story is less cruel than the water buff? Or, how about the fact that the hyenas are doing what they MUST do to survive. Big Mac's are a luxury, not a necessity which inherently justifies the actions of the hyenas while making cruel treatment of livestock morally objectionable.
  10. This essay draws it's conclusions from incorrect analysis of Dr. Singer's arguments. Try Again.
  11. Which begs the question, why was he your idol in the first place? You do not worship him anymore? This implies that you once did? Why, what qualities did he display that were worthy of worship? He was a professional wrestler. You didn't know him. How does your brain decide that 'idolizing' 'loving' and 'worshipping' this human being is a good, or one step further rational idea? Common sense says it's irrational and bad.
  12. Man. That is funny. Double negatives, fake words...phew.
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