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  1. playing $36+3 6 seater with about 1600 in chips villian has 1280. blinds 10/20. raise to 60 preflop. anyways flop is J 8 3 rainbow. villian checks I bet 100 into 130 chips pot, villian calls. turn is a 3. villian checks, I bet 300 he raises to 630. hero???? any advice here would be nice
  3. how cool does it make you feel to sit around on the internet and make fun of peoples grammar and or topics. I mean you must have a real interesting like to never come up with threads of your own but sit around and critique other people. bravo sir
  4. well you have two choices, call or fold. and I know you are making a crying call everytime. so what kind of input are you looking for
  5. This was exactly my thinking during the hand. That I would check the turn only to call a river bet that was likely a bluff attempt. I call and he tables 99.
  6. live 1-2 NL. Hero has JJ UTG+3. UTG limps, hero makes it $10. All folds to BB who smooth calls, UTG folds. Flop is A 3 4 r. BB checks, Hero bets $15 and BB calls. Turn 8. BB checks, Hero checks. River 5. BB leads out for $30, pot is now roughly $55. Hero?????Up to this point villain has been playing fairly LAG and has shown down what I would refer to as "weak" holdings at showdown. The only problem here is all I can beat is a bluff which the 5 gave him an excellent card to represent a straight. Plus A2, A5, or any A may value bet.
  7. well I was going to wait until a few people posted and see their take on the hand. I thought it was an interesting hand but apparently no one else did. Anyways I insta call him and he showed me AQ. At the time I thought it was an easy call, but a good friend of mine who was at the table with me gave me some grief about the call. He said it was way to easy for me to be beat(which I disagreed with) and I didnt really have a lot of money in there to call off $500 with 10s full.excuse me trip 10s not 10s full. lol got a bit carried away
  8. ok super loose, live 1-2 NL.Villain is LAG and has been caught bluffing atleast twice in the 4 hours I was sitting. Im sitting on around $750 and villain has me covered with around $1k.Anyways Im in the cutoff with J10 spades. Folds around to me and I make it $8 to go. Villain reraises to $25 in the small blind. I call. Flop is A 10 10 rainbow. He checks, I bet $30. Villain c/r to $75. I smooth call and turn comes a Q. Villian bets $100 and I call. River is a 9, villain moves all in and I?????**edit** I know it looks like AK, but I think the way I have played the hand he has to almost
  9. -$1-2 NL at Daytona Beach Poker Room.-Very very very loose game with tons of fish.-opening raises are usually 6-7X BB-Im sitting with $135 I am in cut-off with AhAs. 4 people limp to me and I raise to $18. Big raise but any cheaper and one guy will call and all the other limpers will think they are priced in. Button calls, SB calls, UTG limper calls. Pot is roughly $88. I have $115 left in my stack. Flop is 3h 5h Jh. SB and UTG check. I think for a few and push all-in. button folds and SB calls, UTG folds. SB turns up 6h9h. Ok so I am now wondering if I made the right pla
  10. This is one of those tricky situations where he could have flush draw + pair. He would also play AQ, or a set the same. I say you made the correct decision with the push and if you run into 333 then so be it
  11. ummm how can you not put villian on nut flush draw and now top pair, possibly aces up. I think you are drawing dead to only a non heart 5 7 8 10.
  12. wow how many times in these small stakes sngs have I seen guys limp monster hands UTG and reraise a late position raiser. Im putting villain on a hand where he wants to force everyone behind him to fold and mybe have position on a blind. I think villains range is 66-1010, AQ suited, AK, AK suited. I say you reraise to 350 since that looks like a strong hand. If someone picks up AA, KK, or QQ behind you, their money is going in and you can now get away from JJ. Or everyone folds and UTG moves in, in which youre either a slight fav or a huge fav. I say maximizing every oppotunity is the bes
  13. So a few days ago I meet this dude Buddy at a cash game held at a friend of a friends house. Well we got to talking and supposedly he usually plays in a cash game 3 or 4 nights a week out in the country. So I let him know I am down to play any time and we exchange numbers. Well yesterday afternoon he calls me and says I can meet him at his place and we can ride together. I get to his place and we ride out to the game. Its in the basement of some rich dudes house. But the basement is ultra bad *** with a big screen, pool table and some other cool stuff making it seem more like a sports ba
  14. Villian had AK, AQ, or AJ. Forget about J10 and get it in here right now on the flop. most people at these stakes proably call with J10 on the flop and let AK or in this case AA move in when the 3 hits the turn. why just call and let a 10 or J hit the turn and force you into a dough decision? So say villain has AJ and the turn is a J. now you check and he has even more of a hand to represent and now you probably will fold to his shove or bet. If you just move in on the flop you give him a chance to call you off drawing almost dead or get him to fold a hand that could felt you on the turn.a
  15. I would say preflop push>fold>callpost flop check/fold>bet>push>check/call
  16. remember this is a $50 nl game. so you have to adjust the thinking level. without any reads or hands played with villian we can hardly tell if hes even tried to put hero on a hand here. Im putting him on 55, 33, possibly some rag hand like 4 6 suited but thats pushing, A9 also seems reasonable. Althought with A9 youd expect a raise or check raise on the flop. Of course assuming our opponent here is a level 1 thinker and hasnt put hero on an overpair. Wow I feel for the pros, playing in a tournament where you are playing with hundreds of opponents whos thinking level varies from infinity
  17. this reminds me of the Full Tilt Commercial where the noob is asking Erick Lindgren about a hand and Mike "the mouth" walks up and rips the guys cards up.
  18. Tighten up....fold preflop. btw even if top 2 is good here, you are probably behind someones wrap or will be behind once all 5 cards come out. most of the time. unless an A pops off on the turn, then youre a genious.
  19. Yeah A8 seems pretty reasonable. But dont you think with A8 he raises the flop. I think the only hands he might just call the flop and turn with are 77, 33, 56, 910. I say unless you have a good read that he has 888 or better I would call here for all my money and hope to see 910.
  20. alright I see 2 scenarios going on here. 1. You are just completely joking about how much you like Hellmuth, actually making fun of him in kind of a sarcastic manner. In that case, you are pretty funny sir. or2. you actually love Phil Hellmuth, and you aren't joking. Which makes you a complete ******.
  21. I dont know how some of you guys do it. I sit here and watch a few of you crush tourneys on stars. I have deposited probably no less than 6 times on stars, most of these probably $100 or $50. Anyways my cashouts thusfar equals 0. On Bodog I was consistently able to build a $100 buy-in into some serious scratch, but there payout process sucks so I thought Id give Jokerstars another shot. No worries its the same for me. Sit around and play tight, watch the donks knock eachother out all in with AJ vs 44 with the blinds at 25/50, then when I pick up AA or kk....well you know the rest. anyways
  22. I dont think that hand is near as good as the one with Alex Jacob and that DeMichelle dude at the final table of the USPC
  23. wow sir your wittiness impresses us all it really does. in fact I feel so taken aback that I fell there is no other choice then to surrender. could you please with your intellectual prowess find the best place for me to make a deposit?
  24. yeah its like wippin' before you poop, just dont make senseCAN SOMEONE OUT THERE ACTUALLY GIVE ME A GOOD RESPONSE TO THE ORIGINAL TOPIC?
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