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  1. struggling with 14K but cashed. blinds are lovely dont feel short yet
  2. GL Wandigo looking like 3K points well spent 2 more and at least you points back.17 left Wandigo in 8th with 12K13 seats
  3. Raymer is at table Neckar playing 1/2 hose
  4. The bottom line is you are a SPECTATOR and shouldnt be interfering with play. Also you as a player are responsable for your cards and chips its the players fault for not protecting his chips. The dealer should of noticed or the player its not down to daniel to protect the other players stacks for them.
  5. Gary Jones is a good English player who has done well in main event before. We all know Chris Martin from Coldplay hes doing well.(sw)
  6. I find the $3 rebuy and the $36 sats juicy. I play them and use the tourney $s to play more satelittes and tourneys very cheap way of playing poker as i satelitte into every tourney i play
  7. 6679 at break had a few nice hands gonna play tight for next hour
  8. PokerStars Game #5292731799: Tournament #25836758, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2006/06/18 - 17:18:03 (ET)Table '25836758 195' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: WhatMeWorry? (1980 in chips) Seat 2: Ice B (3628 in chips) Seat 3: Mpolo247 (6103 in chips) Seat 4: ChromeCalico (869 in chips) Seat 5: ndsnr (1935 in chips) Seat 6: WSOP_Quest (3185 in chips) Seat 7: AV8Pounder (3757 in chips) Seat 8: last_boss (3385 in chips) Seat 9: danuk (3175 in chips) WSOP_Quest: posts small blind 50AV8Pounder: posts big blind 100*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to danuk [8d 8c]last_boss: folds danuk:
  9. Im in for $39 earlier missed out on the party one so concentrating on this one tonight
  10. france and brazil to be winning at half time and full time.
  11. if steves handle is steve07 he is doing very well. hes from LA so i guess its him
  12. im in getraysblind. in for $50 turbo rebuy was crazyAK twice and upto 6K
  13. im rooting for sweden have £10 on them to be winning half time and full time also have them in a £10 double with argetina. Lovin it so far, Got a £150 ($280) gambling fund for world cup no bad so far had £50 oon england half time/fulltime that returned £118 so of to a winner.COME ON ENGLAND and usa
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