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  1. so how long till the return of redpill
  2. Well after seeing Slansky post i checked evenkeal on 2+2, this boy is not loved over therethis is long he comes in at about page 5/6http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...part=1&vc=1and anotherhttp://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...part=1&vc=1as i said hes not loved
  3. very nice chop sthe stein. Ive seen you chop 2 tourneys now, do you ever play it out after the chop to get tourney leaderboard points? You are in a great shape to win this year. Are you going for the win?
  4. In. Sat with apestyles and Beck_AA great table
  5. LOL yeah your right of course. That play is waaaay to advanced for me
  6. Seat 1: danuk (12220 in chips) Seat 2: jasken (9920 in chips) Seat 3: G6Dragon (9620 in chips) Seat 4: AJGrogan (8860 in chips) Seat 5: Hemmy1969 (9560 in chips) Seat 6: Andy McLEOD (10080 in chips) Seat 7: TheYeti (9940 in chips) Seat 8: digitaldfa (11060 in chips) Seat 9: iamlucky (8740 in chips) iamlucky: posts small blind 60danuk: posts big blind 120*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to danuk [Ks Kd]jasken: folds G6Dragon: folds AJGrogan: folds Hemmy1969: raises 240 to 360Andy McLEOD: folds TheYeti: folds digitaldfa: folds iamlucky: folds danuk: raises 840 to 1200Hemmy1969: raises 840 to 2040danuk: r
  7. 40%-50% of hands at $100 NL qualify. Multi tabling earns them quick
  8. im in for 13500 ffps, missed a couple of sats and didnt want to buy in. in as danuk
  9. BK and Looshle on the same table in the $150 on stars. Looshle is 9th and BK 27th outta 51. 63 paid
  10. 10 tabling 50/1 for 6 hours per day can get you $1500 per week and you can do this with a $3K bankroll. You do need to be tilt free though and concentrate helps to only play 3 hours per sess. if you play on stars you will atain supernova ranking and get 1.8 mill ffps per year which lets you freeroll the main event at wsop and a few prelim events too
  11. surely if the casinos are making so much they should just pay more to the dealers and waitresses and not rely on their customers to pay their employees wages.
  12. N1 eddie. Im in you were right it got a lot more than 1500 runners. have 3800 flopped a set and picked up a nice pot fairly slow other than that. In as dancole
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