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  1. Yes why are some saying no- hopefully jokin. Also Jesus is the son of God.
  2. As a fellow Christian I've always wished Daniel brought up the religious topics more. I'm glad Daniel shed some light on his feelings and beliefs. He has the great opportunity of reaching many people through his blog and I am glad he has let people know that he wants God to be the center of his life. I have read Daniel's blog for 3 years and sometimes wanted to just remind him that God is the answer. (although I obv don't know much of what hes doing or thinking cause a blog only shares a small amount) I am also glad he has mentioned his wife and their relationship.Lastly thats funny he brou
  3. UB accepted my credit card. How the heck, I didnt think credit cards worked. I just tried it out of boredom. please explain
  4. Thanks for the info. If you would place $500 into my account I will do my best to qualify, thanks.
  5. What's the password? How do you get to play in that?
  6. Any updates on this? When does it go to the senate?
  7. I disagree. I like him. Have you listened to every epsiode?
  8. Hint- I have a Christian symbol as my image
  9. very easy game.everyone give it a try at the 3/6 and 5/10 tables on stars.
  10. Proponents of online gaming bans often cite “money laundering”as justification for prohibition. However, nobody has been able toshow a single case of money laundering via online poker.from Pokerstarsemail them for information about the issue. They have some interesting facts.
  11. When is the vote in the Senate going to take place?
  12. You can write directly to yourmember of Congress by using the following link.http://www.house.gov/writerep/
  13. Many American presidents and politicians have been pokerplayers. This list includes Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman,and Richard Nixon. The US Supreme Court holds a regular poker game(Anthony Scalia runs it now that former Chief Justice WilliamRehnquist is deceased). So does the National Press Club inWashington. Poker is played during breaks by member of the New YorkPhilharmonic and regularly in Hollywood. No doubt, some of these samepeople play poker online, too.from Pokerstars
  14. Do you guys pay taxes on internet winnings?
  15. How do you make money from rakeback? I have never figured this out or where to go to do this. I have played alot online and estimate I've lost 5k to the rake.
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