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  1. I ain't got time fo yo white ***cause I'm grizzly, and you's a bassI ain't even hungry, still eat you for dinnercause you is a loser, and I'm a winnerYou lucky I'm a man of peaceYou lucky I ain't use my pieceYou lucky I ain't gonna be fightinYou lucky this is the last rhyme I be writin.
  2. Yo, I could throw together some sick **** for you, jus holla at me when you need it!EDIT: nm, my deepest sympathies.
  3. who the Fuck are you callin an Ali G impersonator playa?
  4. Stop trippin dawg, that ****'s comin. I jus had to get this off my chest.
  5. Nameliss

    Hot New Track

    Gone Before He CameYo, dis one ain't 'bout FCP, but is still a tight track. Peep it, and holla at me 'bout what you think.
  6. http://www.audiostreet.net/artist.aspx?artistid=46589
  7. Raycroft to TorontoTanguay to CalgaryDemitra to MinnesotaCan someone explain the Tanguay deal to me? seems like a bad move for colorado.Also, is Demitra (still) good enough to demand that much in return? FUCK!!!!
  8. http://www.audiostreet.net/artist.aspx?artistid=46589
  9. yo laces must be untied cause you TRIPPIN FOOL! I ain't Spademan, my greatness surpasses even the spadey one.
  10. Greatest thread in FCP historyno doubt
  11. True dat, now the only question is...Who is da real Nameliss?
  12. Word.And you can tell your boy Lexicon to bring the heat
  13. dat's just my natural deep, sexy, raspy voice yo.
  14. Yo, you just scored yourself a spot on my new single "Fuck Foxwoods Pro", scheduled to drop sometime in July. Tread lightly, bitch That shouldn't be a problem, yodon't be clickin on da track title, just hit up "stream", or you can dl the mp3.
  15. Com'on mang, the last couple bars were wrote just fo yo white ***
  16. :breaks character:I used Sony Sound Forge 8.0 for all the recording/mixing. Unfortunatly I didn't create the beat...that shits way to hard.I tried to make it as clear as possible, but my annunciation could use some work. Here are the lyrics.Verse #1Welcome to a place called F-C-PWhere storytime with Beans is al-ways free.We got all kind o’ peeps, Caleb, Derek, Terry.But all ask the same, “Hey Daniel, where’s Jerry?”We got the best site, not four or any othaWe ain’t all family, but Theresa’s our muthaSome may say that she’s hot, some maybe notBut I know she got nothing on the army hoes in leath
  17. many thanks boyz and gurrlzI'll toss the lyrics up a lil lata
  18. here's dat whole section yoThere it is, and now my rhymes are so crazy and sickOh, by the way Dirty dutch can suck on my dirty dickhe thinks he’s tight cause he wrote a couple of bitch linesfor that flow, I’d have to give him multiple big fines
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