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  1. Annie Duke..just something about her rubs me the wrong wayScotty....i saw him do something once, and can't even remember what it was but i haven't liked him sinceAnd i just can't stand phil hellmuth....for reasons everyone can understandBTW ...check out yesterdays pic of DN at the ME......i love it

  2. I've gone to vegas almost every year for the past 11 years or so and usually to the same casinos with pretty much most of the same people working there year end and year out. I have players cards at all of them too and even when i hand that in i STILL get asked for ID and i'm 32. I've never had to worry about faking it (and as much as i'm flattered), it's usually a pain in the *** to have to carry it with me everywhere. I find they look at it everytime and sometimes i get the "you're not really this old" look. I would say not to use the fake ID, this could get you in alot of trouble and your dad would probably be pissed if he had to bail your *** out of jail while on vacation. If you try to play, hope that you look old enough and go to a room with less people where any business would be appreciated.

  3. Canadian?
    I'm sorry but i was a little offened here. BEING CANADIAN AND IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY IN A BORDER TOWN....I find that it's not my Canadian customers who don't tip as often. I personally tip VERY well, tooMy biggest pet peeve is people who can't keep up with the action. I know it has been mentioned a gizzillion times, the guy who bets 4 when it's 2 and is always asking how much and who and me?.The other big one i have ....funny i haven't heard it yet...the donk who beats you all night with the 7-2 because he had to call it was suited. The only time i ever lose at the tables is when this guy or his brother is there and they justify it all night .....i can't fold they were suited. i want to cram a pair of clubs up his ***.As for home games, i can't stand when the same people you play with all the time get together and one person, always the same person, doesn't get it.Drives me nuts when someone is always asking the same questions, can't deal cause they are showing the flop before action stops, constantly, only not paying attention cause they have folded and then stay at the table when they are out only to be dealt to everyhand causing 100's of misdeals all night.The only thing that bothers me online....people who won't reboot their computers or site knowing that they are lagging and usually timing out every hand. Sit out for 3 minutes and reboot....seriously
  4. i would have to agree the only times to check the river is when trapping or when someone is all in and side pot is not worth letting the all in back in the tourney for. (bluffing out an opponent who may have the all in beat) These are probably the only times i check the river.Even when playing with friends, i always bring my best game...and hope that they forget theirs at home LOL

  5. editand river girl, that sounds great!!, I'd love to take some money off a few 19, 20 year olds, although i'm sure you're only a few years off yes? no? post pics?? :club:
    I am the same age as DN, but unfortunately, no pics available right now. I'm one of those...i hate taking pictures people. i do have some coming soon, once i get my vegas pics done. I forgot my camera this year and have to wait for a friend to send me what she took.Hubby and I do visit TO a few times a year....usually for pool tourneys....maybe next time we can all get together .....lots of pool players are poker players and finding a game is usually a pretty easy task. I wish i would've thought of it when we were there a couple weeks ago. It would be great to meet a bunch of fellow FCPers.
  6. Hey all you Torontonians, If ever you're coming down for a night of poker in Windsor, let me know. Our poker room has significantly short wait times (thanks to our new smoking law) and is usually always filled with 19-20 something tourists who watch far too much poker on tv. I'd be happy to meet people and maybe play a little 1-2NL. Maybe you'd like to do a group field trip.

  7. they tape the final table live and then sexton and VVP go through it and announce they dont announce live
    They actually announce the FT live, they just have no access to hole cards while the event is live. They do, however, do some commentary while it is being played. They just go back over and edit it all once they are able to see the cards. To me, sounds kind of dumb and i like your idea better. But i think the "element of surprise" is lost (if they don't do it live first) with certain situations.Also, i don't know if i've seen this program before, anyone know what station it's carried on in Ontario, Canada, if it is picked up. - thanks
  8. the guy who asked you to lay down was the idiot. definately. And if he won because you rolled over, could he really be considered the winner? Of course not. it would be like asking Tiger to roll over on 18 cause someone one shot off the lead needed Ryder Cup points or something. I would've made sure i whooped him for asking.

  9. Great article. I think one of the things lost in all of the Poker phenomenon right now, and this is coming from someone who watches about 10-20 hours of poker on TV a week, is that it ISN'T a 'glamorous' or even 'good' lifestyle or career choice for the VAST majority of participants. Mike is a huge testament to that. Even very successful players can end up very very unhappy.They never show that side of it on TV, of course. It would actually make for some interesting TV if they did some "Nuts" type bits on those who really are down and out or who flamed out, etc. But that would wreck the image, I guess. TV needs more and more people to jump in, and they want to protect that dream.
    On that note.....i don't know if people actually realize fame and fortune DOES NOT happen for everyone who picks up, moves to vegas and decides to be a professional gambler. If you ever walk down the strip in vegas, take a long look past the tourists, it's actually very sad. Mike is lucky, he's obviously got some great friends who are willing and able to help him out when he's in a downswing.I guess i never realized the extent of the problem in that city until a recent visit. My hubby went out and bought some new shoes (like most men he HATES shopping). As he was leaving the store, he changed into the new ones and instead of putting them in the trash can outside the store, he left them on top, (understanding that there may be someone in need of them) as his friend laughed about who would want those shoes. A few hours later, in our trails down the strip, a gentleman walks past us, looking like he was just coming from (a very long day) a construction site. My hubby waited until the man had gotten far enough past us, and told us the shoes the man was carrying was the pair he had left for the taking.I'm not saying that this man lost everything to gambling, but in Vegas especially, i think i can speculate that alot of people leave their "normal" lives and jobs, take everything they can and have and try to be the next professional gambler looking to break the bank and amass a huge fortune very quickly. The glamour of the new craze of poker is something that is surely fueling that fire. Sorry had to share this. I will never forget that day in Vegas, it really made me realize what could happen to anyone.
  10. I have to say... i missed the phil segment (oh darn!!), but in all fairness, i was out playing pool at the time. I did however catch the Jennifer Tilly segment. Wow, did she ever do alot for the women who play poker with that interview!! She was so giddy and girly that hopefully all the guys i don't know will relate to that next time i sit down at my local casino. Unfortunately, with all the Hooter's girls around, i'm not sure how many paid attention to the interview.

  11. personally i definately tip on all bigger pots, in relation to game. If i win preflop or a $5 pot or something no, but if i win a monster soon after that i tip a little extra. It all depends on how much i enjoy the dealer as well. If it's a snooty, "i'm just here earning a paycheck type," they might not even get a tip on a bigger pot everytime. I really like sitting at a table where the dealer is not afraid to have a little fun in the situation. Why not try to make work enjoyable, especially when everyone at the table is trying to have a good time too.

  12. Sort of happened to me one night, i call what i think is the last bet, player in middle still has cards,( unknown to everyone at the table). As i turn my hand over, he says wait and calls. The rule at our casino is an exposed hand is mucked. I was very willing to muck my winning hand as it was truly my fault for showing and let the other 2 players fight over it....it was only a 20-30 dollar pot. The player with the hidden cards had exactly the same hand as me and asked the dealer to split the pot between us. I bought him a beer and we called it even.

  13. i don't all that much about this but...i do remember watching a WPT show once where Mike Sexton was talking about how they are not allowed to see the cards during the event itself. They actually have to rewatch the event after it is over so they can commentate on the hole cards...something about Nevada law specifically. So in my "i think somewhat educated" opinion they won't be able to show hole cards. Hope this helps

  14. It's obvious that Mikey the Chimp isn't playing in this event.....cause Phil is still in. I just don't understand the fan base for this guy....i'll give him respect, he's a great player, but i don't know how you can admire someone who berates everyone and anyone who beats him. He has no concept of the real world. If he's supposed to win everytime....why would ANYONE else play????

  15. We had bars try something like this in our city..(i'm from Ontario, Canada) and the bars would run completely free tourneys with nice cash prizes. They assumed that the bar sales would make up for the free money given out. The trouble that they ran into was the government decided that the house "profitting" from running a poker tourney was the same thing as taking a rake and since our government owns our casino (which is suffering badly thanks to our new province wide smoking ban) they were shut down. I know we used to have stops for the Red Hot poker tour but i think since it doesn't pay it's alright. Although this sounds like a great idea, i'm not sure it could fly here. (Also something for other communities to check into before leasing a building)

  16. Let's start with, i play AK differently, according to the situation at hand. I never said it was a bad hand to play, just overrated. Seriously, most people play AK like it is AA...it's really NOT the same. Sure it's a nice hand to pick up, and i'm pretty happy when i get it but facing a raise and a reraise...even if neither of your opponents has a pair....(when they do you are at best 35% to win the hand) even if say one opponent has a suited connector, and the other has a smaller ace....you are about a 6% favorite in the hand (over the suited guy) and still only MAYBE 40% to win the hand outright. Now would you risk your stack on something like that? Sure slightly more often the AK would win with no pp involved, but he did say the C/O played pretty solid and he had one guy on a pp? i think in that instance you move out of the way, let them battle amongst themselves and wait for a better opportunity. I completely agree with his decision. I do however think the hand may play much differently with a raise preflop UTG, but depending on the players at the table that move may get completely disregarded.

  17. IMO, AK is one of the most overrated, overplayed hands out there. Not that it isn't a great hand, i just think too many people put too much value in it, since it still really is just a drawing hand. With that said....I would have to agree that it was a great laydown. I think maybe raising UTG would've put you in a better position to call....you're still going to face the reraise from the JJ, but it may be less expensive due to your position raise and the less likelyhood of the other caller. (I personally like to limp UTG from time to time with a stronger hand, if nothing to see the reaction from the rest of the table). I think that once you faced the raise-reraise and realized that the possiblitly of a small pair, you are nothing but a coin flip....then once you think there is a chance you have lost outs to the other caller.....you have no choice but to lay it down.The only time i think this would be a suitable call is if your stack is large enough to take a hit, even then i would question risking chips with small odds.

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