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  1. Isn't that a way of calling it a "buy in". To be perfectly honest....i don't think that can legally be done.....at least not in my city. We had bars hosting tourneys completely free (with cash prizes and maybe that's the difference) but they were shut down because them promoting bar sales as a way to get the $$ back was considered making money off the event (just like getting a rake) i would always buy something in support but forcing people to do so and then calling it a "free" tourney is completely hypocritical cause now the buy in is at least the $2.50 for a pop. I would like to see the bar owners make money off of it but if you tell people they HAVE to buy something they could be shut down on a legal technicalityJust a thought

  2. yes he is pretty nice. he was back again this year...although karen was not...i guess she has since changed sponsors. What division did you guys play in? i play ladies (obviously) and i'm not very good but my hubby plays pretty well..they usually cash decently in the A and they have won it

  3. if you're really into learning nl and want to play in some tourneys, try the micro/low limit tourneys. the only trouble with them is.....it's not enough money to keep the tards out. Freerolls are bad because well, they are freerolls and you get alot of people with that attitude and you will get called and sucked out on more often. Lower limit NL tourneys are often excuses for some people to play ridiculously and use the excuse that it's costing them nothing. you will get the good rewards for good hands cause you'll get callers but you will also take more bad beats (IMO) Just be aware of that. BTW..good luck, i hope you're able to learn from your new experiences

  4. I am usually the only girl who will watch the game and play some cards...one night i was making all the money. The guys would call anything to try to win a pot. Well one guy almost sucked out on me until the river. At that point he called me rivergirl and it just stuck whenever i played with them. A couple years later, when i started playing on the internet, i joined everywhere as rivergirl.Nowadays, it seems alot of people have tried to take my name......I am the original....but if i don't get rivergirl...or if i have to put numbers on the end (which really pisses me off since it's my name) i use my first name..but that doesn't happen too often since i've been playing at most sites since before fire was discovered.

  5. i never took fouls into consideration.........but the perfect game is still 147. Its kind of like when Earl ran 10 racks for a million, they really didn't want to give him credit for "running a rack" when he made the 9 on the break.I also didn't realize Tony Drago was that old (1955)...he still looks pretty good for his age and boy can he move since he should be somewhere around 65-70(really i'm assuming a JR and SR there although that is not mentioned where it should be).But like i said, don't really get too much snooker here, unfortuneately in North America its a dying game, if it's not already dead.I know a few snooker players from TO wondering if maybe DN knows some of them....they are mostly converted pool players now.

  6. lol.gifHow did I get owned when i'm right?
    because the highest possible break is 147.....how you came up with 151 is beyond realistic.I play alot of pool, mostly 8ball...we go to vegas every year for the tourneys in may...i even got married at one and had my wedding pic taken in front of a pool table in the main playing area.We only have one room left in my city with snooker tables (6x12s) and once in a while we go down there to play...highest run 24, but in all fairness, i can't see that far and my stroke isn't good enough to trust it. I've seen lots of perfect games, only on tv, back in the day when TSN used to show the big snooker tourneys all the time instead of the 9ball they show now.DN....one year when we're down in vegas, you should come down and check out the tourney......the Canadian teams are always looking an extra cheering section.
  7. you have to be 19 to enter a casino in ontario..the hand stamp is so that you're not bothered by security all night for your idbodog shouldn't be running sats for this one...they don't allow Canadian customers and i'd seriously doubt they would do it because of that.my only question...why is Windsor not allowed by law to run sats for any tourneys (something about the way the olgc sets rules) and niagra can?

  8. best movie of the year by far...i saw it tonight amazing
    Everytime i see that commercial for it I think......is there really anybody who would pay to see this movie? Apparently there is.Maybe the commercials don't do it any justice, but .......it certainly doesn't look like its winning any academy awards this year...unless a raspberry is an academy award.
  9. since when is 1/3 of your stack not a significant portion ?
    Its a little more than 1/3 and relative to the blinds, (which i am already in for), it leaves me 10x the blind at the begining of round. i would've flopped top and bottom pair had i called which means, the small blind with middle pair wouldn't have been able to get me off the hand, especially knowing the way he played (it was almost as tho he had no backs on his cards). Ever since i've spoken with people afterwards, i've questioned myself as to why i don't follow my reads.....does it make me too passive at the table?....am i just not as aggressive as i should be? Which is why i'm asking for this advice.thanks all......i now realize that i probably made the right call and it's not a real passive move.........but just a situation that didn't adhere to that much aggression.
  10. That sucks...only open to US residents, like everything else. I can understand it from ESPN since its a US company, just like TSN does with its contests.It really upsets me when MLB and NHL do promos and only open them to US residents tho.......we have Canadian teams in those sports. Sorry had to rant about that.But seriously this promo only open to those residing in the continental US..so i guess that those people living in Alaska and Hawaii get screwed too.

  11. Playing live MTT at local casino. Blinds are 100-200 and i'm big blind. I have relatively good stack at table...2 short stacks, one goes all in for 1000, next short stack raises about 25 more folds to the very loose small blind who calls. I've got roughly 2800 in chips, only costing me 825 more to call with a A5clubs.After thinking (for a long time mind you) i lay the hand down. i knew the first short stack was desperate, and had done this a couple of times with less than mediocre hands. The second short stack was trying to leave the game and the small blind, having played with him before tourney was incredibly loose and always looking to hit a flop with any 2 cards.In speaking with a few people about this afterwards the reviews are mixed. I decided to fold thinking that with this many people someone else surely had an Ace and i was way behind if anyone did. But.....i was getting a very good price to call and since it was relatively minimal as opposed to my stack winning the hand was of great value to me. Turns out everyone had relative garbage compared to me and i would've won the hand with ease and a pot that would've made me chip leader. Just trying to get another perspective on this...........FLAME ON

  12. Yesterday i played in a live MTT at my local casino. I believe everyone started with 2000 in chips....(i could be wrong, i kind on shuffled to my table quickly and didn't really pay attention..i also never count my chips unless i'm all in at the table..superstition i think) In the first hour, blinds go up every 20 minutes starting at 25/50 and doubling until 200/400 (goes to 300/600). after the first 3 levels there is a break and then every half hour the blinds rise. Ok now to try to make the long story short.....i sat for 2 hours with completely unplayable cards. I was completely at a loss for a hand. I picked up AK once, AQ twice and other than that 10-5 off was my most popular hand having counted it 7 times, 3 in a row. I played pretty strong i think, pushing every chance i had position and trying to pick up small pots but it eventually wasn't enough and blinded out right about the 2 hour mark (which i think is an accomplishment but since it didn't pay it's not that great) My question is, is there anything that can be done to overcome these situations? if anyone has any advice on how to get through this situation a little better please reply. i did try to loosen my game up and make moves when i could...i'm just thinking there may be a better way i'm not seeing..thanks in advance

  13. i have to agree with greg on this one..... i've posted it before only to be flamed and cheered. The WSOP really does have to find a better way to crown a World Champion. It's ridiculous to think that someone who has a good week or two of cards can be recognized as the greatest that year. Not taking anything away...but there has to be more qualifying factors than one tourney. In golf, it's not one super satellite that gets you into the Masters, its a tourney to qualify for a tourney to get your card then it's points throughout the year to be invited to the Masters, you really have to earn your way into a Major. Only people who have worked hard for a long period of time get in, unless you've won it, then you're exempt for life.....seems a much better way to give someone all the glory of being champion of the World. As for prize pools declining......think of how much money could be kicked back from all those qualifiers ...and how much they SHOULD be adding from tv revenue and it would still be an attractive prize poolthe WSOP ME has really turned into a crap shoot and to be honest most people at the final table in the past 3 years have been virtual unknowns..many of whom haven't been heard from since (with exceptions, of course). Although i would love to play in it someday, don't get me wrong, i still think it's something like any other pro sporting event.....I'd love to play in the Superbowl or World Series too, but those guys have earned their ways there through years of hard work and the selection process, i think that should go for any major pro sporting event.And YES i referred to poker as a sport......after all, it's broadcast on ESPN.In it's current state the WSOP is like buying a lottery ticket and only seeing one number a day for 2 weeks before you know who wins

  14. i think some people completely missed my point....First off, i was upset at the comparison to golf that someone else started in a topic, which is what started my rant....someone compared Greg Raymer to Tiger Woods (obvious frustration)Then i started thinking that maybe ...just maybe there is a better way to crown a real world champ....and make it something not "just anybody" can do. In golf, you would have to win a series of tourneys to get your card, to get into the majors, you have to prove yourself worthy through your appearances while you've held your card. You can't just walk up on the 1st tee at Augusta and pay $10,000 and play (at least not on Master's weekend).What i'm suggesting is maybe a little more similar....Maybe like a tour, with memberships, that isn't exactly as easy as just walking in and paying. Money from qualifying tourneys could be held (a small percentage of course) and tv revenues and sponsorships and things could conceivably be added money for bigger events, that way you're not taking away from the prize pool of dead money, you're just making it so that the person winning the title is deservedly crown "World Champion". You could even have a ranking system and pros with certain money earnings have exemptions from qualifiers. Just some thoughts.

  15. you're point? he still navigated through 800 people. I dont care how lucky you are, there is still some skill required. yes he hasn't done well since, but it is still an impressive feature to win multiple online satelittes in a row then win the ME filled with the worlds best players.
    Sure i'll agree he had a nice little run...but now that he plays those great players all the time....does he really have a chance........the answer is defiinately NO. and it's been proven since he really hasn't done anything since.that would be like saying Michael Campbell was a is a great golfer because a couple years ago he won the British Open and he was high on the money list that year......i'm guess you don't even know who that is cause he really hasn't been heard from since.
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