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  1. the easiest way around it all....move to Canada....no taxes here
  2. i was born a tiger fan.....and i can remember the last time they won. But yesterday was a very happy day!!!! I can also remember all the lean years and oh my were they ever lean....GO TIGERS!!!
  3. Matasow v Tony G .... i saw them recently on tv in a tourney where they went heads up in hand and they were both berrating each other so badly it was very entertaining (actually it was Tony G being obnoxious and Mike not knowing how to quite handle it) I think that would a good match even if they weren't playing poker.
  4. thanks jays...having never being able to watch an entire episode i couldn't really remember the name....as for the UB one ya it's pretty rancid too but i find alot of those website qualifying non pro events are difficult to stomach because alot of those people have rarely been in a live game (or so it would seem)All in all...they are all good shows.....FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!(love your av...triumph is my hero)
  5. someone beat me to this but QFT anyway...Also, on our sportsnet in Canada, they show alot of bad poker...alot of amateur tourneys that are sponsored by websites, usually pretty boring stuff.Although i don't remember the name of it, there is a tourney they play from the UK that they broadcast in Canada....Its a series of 6 man tables with a mix of poker pros, online qualifiers and one celebrity at each table. The celebrities are always someone from England and unless you're familiar with what they do, you don't have a clue who they are ( Steve Davis, who is by far my fav pool player, was on th
  6. i'm railing but wiht no money at stars....it won't let me cheer out loud
  7. i've been playing crappy .5/1 limit cash game for a while now. Total donks here....it's the old any 2 card mentality
  8. what day is it from ....it hasn't aired in canada yet so i will have to watch for it.
  9. when raymer won the ME he entered it by selling "shares" of himself like a major corporation does on the stock exchange. He got enough people together and made it so they make x% on their money if he wins i think of the 5 mill, he only got 1.7 or something
  10. i hope you copied and pasted and didn't actually type that twice
  11. i will agree that for the most part, the threads are mostly flames...however, if none of them contained and useful information, in your opinion, why not just add your info to them. i don't intentionally mean to flame but the horse has been beaten so many times it's already been packaged by Elmer's and distributed to elementary schools across the country. however....you're entitled to your opinion and you've obviously done your homework..i would suggest putting it up in general tho, and letting as many people as possible read it....it may open some eyes
  12. i personally love the vlogs and miss them too. I don't think its obsession..it's nice to watch them instead of reading and its a look into a lifestyle most of us will only ever dream of. not to mention its more personal than a blog
  13. this topic has already had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many threads really.i'm happy you took the time to research it but ......it belongs in a different part of the forum...perhaps you could reply to one of the 1000000 other threads on this subject in general.
  14. i think it's important to see as many flops as possible in the first few rounds of an MTT just because when the blinds start rising you don't want to run out of hands. So to maximize my chip count at early part of tourney i try to limp with as many decent hands as possible. i also try not to raise alot early in tourney, unless i pick up an absolute monster or i have an optimal position to steal.With that said, i have to agree with Royal there is nothing wrong with trying to limp in here. You just have to learn to exercise control when playing it postflop. And if a raise does come, don't be
  15. nope, canadian but its not the sex that's offensive it's the context in which they did it. Not to mention if i was phil ivey or his wife for that matter....there is no way i'd let anyone do a commercial with any of those ideas in mind, especially since my family would have to see iti wasn't offended by the sex, i was offended by how it portrayed his wife. i think it's a shitty way to try to make a buckJust my opinion....
  16. if he timed out, he should've been folded or all in, i dont' recall a site that allows a player to time out and stay active in the hand...i could be wrong but i just don't recall ever seeing it
  17. that was the sickest commercial i've ever seen....i think it might have actually bordered on offensive.
  18. First you would have to consider who would be good to have in power if they won......this eliminates some peoplePhil Hellmuth........could you imagine his state of the union addresses?x-22.....might have better speaches than phil (quackquack) but you'd never get any news.if it's an online game, just find a few hackers with one of those card seeing programs LMAO....if they are smart enough to make one of those, they must be able to run a planet.
  19. i would first have to say Jen Harman....i know she gets some credit....but i think because of her gender she is often underestimated.Ram Vaswani(?) is also very low key...but i've seen him tear up some tourneys consistently. Especially on the EPT.Also Dan Harrington is definately underrated....the only person to make the FT of the ME in how many consecutive decades??????
  20. you have to play x amount of raked hands before a certain dateso i dont' think you could do that
  21. thanks for posting this, i never check that email and i did because of this and there is money in my account too..........woo hooo.
  22. Please don't get me started on jump cues.......it disturbs me that anyone with $100 can play a shot that used to take years to learn and master. I hate to say it, i have one, only because its a handy shot to have but.....it disturbs me to see new players, people who can't hold a full length cue properly practising jump shots instead of try to master the art of making straight in balls consistently. Nitro, you probably know my hubby or at least his team...they won it last year in the mens A....he plays with the guy with the funny ties. I'm sure we could arrange at least a poker game....we
  23. you didn't miss much this year if you didn't make it. i think it being held in july really hurt it's chances to be successful. I'm not sure how much it being scheduled on Easter weekend will improve it for the next few years. i was actually trying to figure out if i knew you (or of you). I usuallly meet alot of players through watching/hanging out with my hubby during tourneys. I find watching the play is really a great learning tool, especially now that my game is turning to theory and ball selection. it's also much more exciting to see alot of runouts as opposed to 6 trips to the table
  24. i think its a little different where i live (windsor) because these events directly compete with our casino and pokerroom, especially now that the non smoking law is killing our casino business. I just joined the RHPT so i haven't attended an event yet, but like i said i know that other establishments here have tried similar things only to be shut down.
  25. This story is kind of old news isn't it? We all knew he promised someone else half his money.,.....you didn't see a lawsuit coming?
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