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  1. sent, just jump in one when you can
  2. GL post any interesting hands. Also, post the hand you win the tourney with.
  3. GL lord anarchy, get in one when you receive yours, just let me know which one.
  4. you're always a winnner with me....
  5. sent and sent, lets try to get one more
  6. Had a long day at work and i need a little pick me up.3 stakes to a soon to start 2.20/180 man turbo.50/50 nsbpost stars name and citymake me smile
  7. this would be truly funny, but make sure you're count makes absolutely no sense, i would hate to see you get perma-banned and listed in every casino as a card counter.(although it's not illegal to count cards , as long as you don't use any devices, you'll have a super hard time getting into any casino ever) i once had a guy so foul sit next to me, i would've swore he soiled himself and was sitting in the same clothes. When i asked the floor for some "help", they wouldn't even move my seat cause it was too full and nobody else wanted to be next to him either.
  8. rivergirl

    Rooms In Vegas

    i'm surprised they threw in a bottle of water with this deal...book it NOW
  9. i am goldstar, for the month of aug..took advantage of a promo.
  10. what's with the person scrolling chat?
  11. ya i busted and fell asleep..i generally need to nap on my days offgg wandigo
  12. i'm actually right about there as well.glglgl
  13. somehow the laws of nature changed and i won a couple flips in key spots. I'm trying to take advantage of it while i can, i know it doesn't last too long.
  14. gg frizzo.it's just a really unlucky hand.
  15. happy birthday serge!!i 2nd the blue and white dreams, i want to see a cup in my lifetime.
  16. are u sure, i'd be happy to let you play?
  17. ty for rail allanother bridesmade 2nd finish.
  18. alright who wants to play the 8k guar turbo at 1:40est with me?post stars name and city
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