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  1. happy birthday rose!!! Hope you have a wonderful day
  2. hope you have a great day tomorrow rose. I won't be making it to play tho, sorry...i wish i could, but i just won't be home in time for the early game and the late one is too late. I will however try to catch some of the show
  3. i can't agree more, sucking it up for one more year isn't going to hurt as much as giving up granderson and jackson. I can see getting rid of Laird, the catcher position isn't as irreplaceable as CF or any starting pitching. Avila did look pretty good and seems to know how to swing a bat. From what i've heard the Nats are looking at Everett and I'm actually hopeful that he's going and i'm glad that someone is showing interest in him. With the way he swings a bat worse than an AL relief pitcher, i didn't think he'd be someone other teams will go after (maybe they've just never seen him at t
  4. i'm hearing a ton of reports that the tigers would be willing to listen to offers for Grandy........i find this absolutely stupid. Although he struggled with his BA, especially against lefties this season, he's young, got a great glove in center and has the ability to make up for what ground guillen won't be able to cover next year since they are giving left to guillen. Not only that, he's proven he can be a good hitter, has decent power and seems to be an all around great guy to represent the team in the community, especially a community that's in need of a good guy to be there. How can th
  5. my screen is rolling "game will resume shortly" across it....guessing they are running a bit behind
  6. congrats randy!! that's a great accomplishment.
  7. i was hoping everyone liked it. I hate going to the movies, but hubby and I both agree this is something that looks like it's worth going to the theatre for. I mean, regardless of how "weird" his personal life was, he truly was an amazing artist. His music really was phenomenal.
  8. i have been known once or twice to skip the meal and have 5 courses of dessert...sometimes that cart is just tooooo pretty to pass up. I however don't find shows based on dessert alone as appealing as other shows, mainly because most of the desserts you see on those type shows are "showpiece" quality and you'll never actually be able to find something similar in a restaurant, where with other dishes, i'm sure some of these chefs will take an inspiration of something they've done on the show and incorporate it into their menus. I know some of you disagree, but i actually like Michael V. His
  9. i can't believe nobody mentioned the passing of Soupy Sales. Definately one of my childhood memories.
  10. colicchio blogs about the behind the scenes stuff at one point this year...it's a 20 day competition if you make it all the way.
  11. i know on Iron Chef ( i believe both the japanese and american versions are similar in this) the chefs are given a list of 5 different ingredients that could be the "one" about a month ahead of time. They aren't told exactly which one it is, but they are guaranteed that it will be one of the 5. As for time from here is the special ingredient...they have about 10-15 minutes during which to do this before actual cooking time starts, while the cameras reset for the next shots (i know this happened in the japanese version, not positive about the US version) so they did have some collaborative t
  12. i think it's typically only women who ever get disappointed when having sex. Men are only disappointed if they are not getting any.
  13. i'm actually really happy for you. Look at it as a new experience and have some fun with it. As for you having never actually met her personally, just try not to build her up too much ( i know easier said than done) and dont' be too disappointed if she doesn't meet all your expectations.As for the feeling you're getting....it's new, exciting person feeling. You've probably forgot what it feels like. Not to mention, the anticipation of actually meeting her is building. Try to just relax and enjoy yourself. Whatever happens, happens...good luck with everything.
  14. i've tried the password 100000 times, it keeps telling me wrong password...anybody else?
  15. the question is...if there is a chance of a tie going into tomorrow...do we pitch JV Sunday or do we save him for the chance of a playoff and start porcello tomorrow? hopefully greinke tries to state his case for the cy young in his last start against the twinkies and figaro makes the start of his LIFE. that way this will be a non-issue
  16. happy birthday boys!! i hope you both have an awesome day!!Chris..i hope you find some McEwan's and celebrate!!Tucker....may Boise cover the spread and make you a fortune.
  17. hope you had a great day!! happy birthday loosh
  18. happy birthday gib, gl in aruba!!!
  19. pokerstars had a popup this morning saying it was isabelle at the final table? Does she also go by jason or something? i'm kind of confused
  20. that's only cause i'm here.i haven't been to detroit casinos cause of the passport bs, not to mention, windsor's poker room is pretty ok. last few times i was there they spread mostly NL games (i think they had 1 3/6 lhe table going) and it's usually pretty soft.let me know if you do come to windsor....i haven't been on a buddy's run in a while. I'll take a couple of half-bakes
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