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  1. i think we still got enough in for an all fcp ft
  2. i almost forgot nobody respects raises in this game.....fortunately, the blinds are small
  3. i havent' played limit in a while, would love to give a try.rivergirl (windsor)
  4. if by some miracle, i'm still awake and actually at hte table, i'm blind shoving and not watching...gl to all
  5. yes, i believe it's all cash ring games
  6. no, it's made right here in windsor
  7. I'm actually rooting for carla or fabio to win. I can't stand stephan, i think he's ego is far bigger than it deserves to be. i was actually kind of shocked leah went home. Glad but surprised. Her dish was mediocre but still edible, yet stephan clearly didn't "honour" the fish that gave it's life stephan should've gone home. It only upsets me because they've sent other people home with this being the most truly heinous mistake you can make as a chef. I think they are looking at past accomplishments when it comes to stephan which is grossly unfair to the other contestants because if anybo
  8. i don't believe that, only because you're still alive to tell the story
  9. that's sweet...it's hard to believe a guy who is so thoughtful would be without a good woman. at least you've got your priorities straight. Glad you made it in time to save your butt.
  10. Happy Valentine's Day to all!!i hope you guys all took the time to do something nice for the special ladies in your lives...if not, you can send me flowers!!<3<3<3
  11. there was actually a kid around here who fell for this scam...cost him $150,000 before he realized it wasn't real. His family ended up going seriously into debt thinking they were coming into some large inheritance....i can't believe that nobody can find a way to catch people like this, i mean this guy met with these "lawyers" and stuff numerous times before he figured out the scam. Almost all of their dealings where money changed hands was face to face and he travelled all over the world to talk to these people.
  12. gl to your horsies poto!!i hope the change in game brings you some good luck
  13. I'm very sorry for your loss. my mom passed about 25 years ago and not a day goes by when i still don't think of her. It was also a blessing when she did pass because she was very sick and suffered so much, but my pain never really goes away. I am very close to my dad tho, idk if it's because of it or not, but i really do cherish every moment i get to spend with him. My prayers are with you and your family.
  14. he still blames me for him getting banned!! my answer would've been matusow.
  15. Always knew there was something f*cked up about this family......
  16. As great of a fighter as BJ is at 155, i don't think he has any business trying to move up to 170. He has trouble bulking up to make weight and its too hard for him to compete with someone who rehydrates to 185. He really should just continue to dominate the lightweight division and not worry about anything else.As for him complaining that GSP greased himself down, that's what the referees check for before they enter the ring and obv that wasn't an issue prefight when GSP was being checked so that will not hold up. I also find people who make excuses like that petty and classless. Somebody
  17. Hap-py birth-day Mr. cubsfan44happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu!!! :icon_dance:by the way, i can't believe i beat all the chicago boys to thisbut maybe NOW, he'll notice me
  18. i feel asleep during last night's episode (it was a long day) and i had to find out who got eliminated this morning when i got up...very sad to see jeff go. Although i think he's mediocre, i still have trouble with how leah, hosea and carla are still there. (i was really upset when ariane and radika were both sent home first).Carla reminds me of a cartoon character, i just can't put my finger on who it is...anybody else and WHO????
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