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  1. i'm kinda shocked that everybody seems to act like this is a "new" concept for phil to act like an ass at the poker table. He's been doing this for years and years. I've never had much respect for his personality, he's NEVER been a gracious loser. He at one time was a respected poker player, but i think that all went out the window when he started demanding respect instead of trying to earn it. As far as his playing goes, i think he was a great player, but has since relied on his "reputation" rather than adapting his game to meet the changes in the players and the game itself. I feel sad for him in some ways, i wish he would be able to put his ego aside and let his play speak for him, unfortunately, i think he's not capable of this.

  2. The biggest club in my town has almost 1000 members, and a fair few young people both here and elsewhere in the country. It's a great game, similar to poker is so many weird ways.
    exactly the opposite here. My hubby and I used to try to go out as often as possible, but it became a chore, since we were so young and everyone else was so much older, it wasn't all that fun. I love the game, but having to watch what you say and do made it really boring. I'm not too big on duplicate, i'd rather pay penny/point contract than anything.
  3. because i was born in the 70's and was a teen in the 80's the whole late 70's and early 80's seems to mesh for me (meaning something i suggest could be either). Off the top of my head, i would suggest....Anything by Bowiethe entire YES collection (i have it on vinyl, cassette and cd)the tubes (i think this is definately early early 80's but still worth it)Arlo guthrie (you just have to own the pickle song or at least you have to hear it)Anything and everything by Queenpink floyd, led zeppelin and ccr are requirementsThe guess whomarvin gayesupertrampi would also suggest adding some disco so that you can definately round out the decade, even if you don't like it, it was a big part of the 70's...and adding a donna summer album just won't hurt.early van halen is really good tooi'm lucky that my hubby has a very large vinyl collection, but like i said, i was very young in the 70's and early 80's so sometimes i'm just not sure which decade some things fit into and i'm just too lazy to go look it all up.

  4. so i did the bacon-wrapped meatloaf and OMG!!!i did a little improvising...i wrapped it in foil, then put it on a rack in a roasting pan poking holes in the bottom of the foil for the grease to escape. After 20 minutes in the oven, i unwrapped the foil and let the bacon get crispy crispy. It was super good. I'm definately recommending it. I just made a basic meatloaf too, so whatever you like to use to make it then layer alot of bacon and roll around meatloaf. (mine was a little too big so i used a couple pieces of bacon on top to cover. It's incredibly moist from the bacon that you don't even need to do a gravy and if you serve it over some mashed potatoes, the bacon/potato thing is incredible. Next time, i'm going to add cheese to my potatoes cause i think that will bring it over the top!!

  5. last night, while watching diners,driveins and dives, they featured this AWESOME looking meatloaf, wrapped in bacon. I really really want to try this at home. They showed the recipe, and not too hard to scale it down the only problem is, they wrapped it in something to bake it initially, i'm assuming this absorbed the grease. Any ideas what i can use to do this???? At first i thought it was simple parchment paper, but that really wouldn't get rid of much. I did go out and buy the leanest ground beef i could find, hoping that helps, but i can see the bacon causing alot of fat issues

  6. Considering the only thing that brought Hosea any attention this season was his fling with Leah makes me think that he should never have been declared the winner. He was definately bottom 3 way more often than top 3 and a couple times it was with some sort of seafood (that is his strength) that put him on the bottom. With that said, i'm also glad Stephan didn't win, i don't care how great of a chef he is, his attitude makes me want to punch him in the face. I felt really bad for Carla, if she had just stuck to her guns, she would've done fine. i think either fabio, jamie or jeff should've made top 3 before Hosea, so i was really disappointed by the outcome.

  7. i have a similar problem. In the last couple years, my property taxes have gone up due to sewer maintenance. Apparently they have to replace all of the old sewers in the neighbourhood, which is fine. Well, one day while paying my hydro/water bill, i notice an additonal $45 attached to the bill. I call the company and it turns out its a sewer maintenance fee, because all the sewers in the neighbourhood need replacing. Now, i'm pretty sure that's why my taxes went up and i paid that, so why is it that i'm being charged another monthly fee for this. Not to mention, in the 3 years i've been paying this additional fee i haven't seen ANYBODY fixing a sewer within 10 miles of my house, nor has the city filed for any kind of work permit to do such maintenace. They hydro company's explanation was "we only collect it on behalf of the city, you have to call them to answer your questions". WTF????i also don't have kids but pay a school tax.

  8. i can't even begin to express how much this saddens me. I'm not familiar with who is staking who around here (yet it seems that everybody but me has a backer), but i staked him right around xmas time and let him keep all his winnings thinking that maybe he could get a bankroll going for himself. (sure it was only a min cash in a 4.40, but still). I find it funny that people with bigger bankrolls than me take stakes from people. Not to sound mean, but i don't take stakes unless it's something completely out of my roll to play (which is usually pretty much any tourney) and even then, if i have the amount and i want to play i try not to take the stakes away from someone who can not afford it completely to give them a chance to build something up. Not that i minded giving him a stake, i just find it odd that someone with a bankroll 10x bigger than mine would be asking for one.i hope you guys get your money back in some way, shape or form. I also hope it doesn't discourage you from coaching those people who really want to learn.edit: i guess it was just a little before xmas, i can't find it anymore...i just remember being really really happy for him when he won

  9. i'm going to be somewhat busy until the weekend, so i probably won't have much to say in here until then. but i really do appreciate all the advice and it's sounding more and more like this is actually going to end up saving money for us over a rental in calgary, in terms of what we need. the remaining sticking points would be:1. whether my gf would actually like to live in that area. she's never been, so i'd need to show her that vegas is only 75% or so hookers and blow.2. whether or not i would get approved for a mortgage with my poker background, even with the gf as a co-signer.3. the gf getting a green card to work in the states, although that shouldn't be tough if the area needs teachers and she's certified to teach there.3a. whether she'd want to teach high school in whatever environment needs the help. teaching is extremely stressful and needs to be rewarding enough, at least sometimes, in order to not make you go insane, and i'd hardly wish that on anyone, much less someone i'm living with, lol.this was all (obviously) very preliminary stuff in terms of looking around, at least for now and i really do appreciate all the help from you old folks :club: .
    Firstly, anytime you buy over renting (regardless of costs) you are saving....renting is always you just paying someone else's mortgage so they can profit. By buying, you are paying your own mortgage and will have something to show for it when all is said and done. i've often wondered why people who can buy still rent, i find the concept mindblowing that people would pour money into renting and have nothing in the end.i've only been to calgary once and it was in december. I can't imagine anybody would want to spend any amount of time there in the winter. i'm sure she'll welcome the idea of 110 degrees after spending the last 6 months at -30i find that canadians have the toughest time getting a green card. Make sure you hire a good immigration lawyer.
  10. Since i'm actually from canada and can't really help with the specifics, I will try to give you a few bits of sound advice when buying a home (especially for the first time)-since mortgage rates are super low right now, lock in as long as you can...stay away from variable rates, even if the rates go a little lower they aren't going to make up for the increase if they suddenly skyrocket. Make sure you get a good mortgage rep, and let them know you'd like to make sure you can pay on the principle with little/no penalties. Usually (at least here) you can make a once yearly payment of 10% principle with no penalties on the anniversary date.-do bi-weekly or weekly payments (whichever is more convenient for you). You get more payments a year than with a monthly pay. Althought it may not seem like a lot, making one "extra" monthly payment a year can save you a couple years on a mortgage and a significant amount of interest.-have your property taxes tied into your mortgage payments. Any bank/mortgage holder will do this, they actually like it better, knowing that you're not going to lose your house to unpaid taxes. They simply collect for you and send the payments to the city/county for you. They usually collect a little too much, just to be on the safe side and apply it to your mortgage at the end of the term.-finally my biggest most important piece of advice...please do not ignore this one*****When you buy a house, any house, regardless of price (unless its a brand new house with a warranty) make sure your contract to purchase includes a clause condition on home inspection. Spend the extra $300 and get a licensed home inspector into the home. They will go through the house, making sure of everything. even if you want a fixer-upper, they will tell you what is needed to be done. If the home has an older furnace/central air unit, you may also have to hire a licensed heating/cooling inspector but i will tell you from experience (i used to sell real estate) that this is the MOST valuable thing EVER. Alot of older homes have electrical/plumbing/insulation issues that make some homes difficult to insure with companies. As a new owner you will have to insure the property yourself and having "high risk" issues will cost you alot of money to insure. Not only that, but sometimes the cost of fixing certain things can make the "deal" you got on the property not worth it. i would say 95% of the time, the home inspection is not a deal breaker, but if you're looking to fix something up, its definately a good heads up as to where to start.Whatever you do, good luck.

  11. I just got back from flying Detroit to Las Vegas, I took American Airlines and didn't have any complaints and it was a decent price. I think something like $268 roundtrip, maybe a bit more with fees and taxes. My last two flights have been on AA and were both cheap and comfortable.
    i've flown detroit to vegas many times and this actually seems a bit high. I've gone through a expedia a few times and find if you use the "try surrounding days" feature, you can save a good chunk of money. flying on day like Mon-Wed is definately cheaper than flying Thurs-Sat, i also find that leaving Monday is cheaper than leaving on Sun, but i'm not sure about flying in.Stay away from the last minute idea, i had one of the guys on my hubby's pool team do this one year, thinking he would get a much better rate and ended up paying double and because he "had" to be there, he had no choice. I mean, if you see a good price and can leave tomorrow, its fine, but if you make reservations, make sure you have your flight in place first.i've never paid more than $240 for a flight (including taxes, fees, etc) and i don't do stopovers (taking off and landing once each way is good enough for me).I've always flown NW (although we did suncountry 2x, once we paid for, the 2nd time it was free) Spirit can be cheap if you can find both ways at a decent price whatever you find, gl and have fun
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