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  1. some of us dont notice every single topic because we have lives. u should try and get one.Not even remotely funny anyways.
  2. I am with you missidaho...we need to pay closer attention in case he decides to play online poker!!!i wonder if he realizes all the power he has. "I am playing online poker, blah blah blah, and the forum is in a frenzy. if i were him i would play more just to watch everybody freak out and analyze the situation. 8) By the way i am not knocking anyone i just think its funny :!:I agree, this topic is funny.
  3. No, but people always ask me when im playing in 5$ tourneys on party.... DID YOU TAKE 5TH AT WSOP???????Im like "Yes, and I lost all of my money so Im rebuilding it here"
  4. just quoting this just incase you rub me the wrong way one day. then you will be getting a lot of junk in your mailteneightj/k j/k j/k j/kyou say that now, but I know you won't take the effort to actually send me junk snail mail.How much postage will it cost you to send me a lot of junk mail anyway?zero postage, just a little time.
  5. Could you do me a huuuuge favor and open your mouth close your eyes, and start sucking.
  6. Because I'm nosey and I won't to moleste everyone.
  7. why does everyone call me Harry Potty?
  8. Personally what's on my mind is that my Cardinals are gonna sweep the Padres in 3 games, wipe the floor with the Stro's in 4, then pounce on whoever the AL throws at us in 4 games. 11 games.WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW????????(besides beating off)
  9. It's a very neat mall too. Only 1 level, and its gotta be like 25 square miles,lol. I used to go there with my ex, it sucked so bad.... THERE WAS SOOOOOOO MANY STORES!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm very impressed with Tkachuk. I heard at one point he was above 300lb's (Kevin Slaten is an idiot, but he said it) anyways, he came back for 1 game, and had the game winner, can't ask for much more. GL
  11. Alot of hands your up against there you don't have counterfitted outs ie AQ any set over pair, stone cold bluff. I would call thinking most of my 15 outs are live....its only 32$
  12. wissota coulda played those aces a little worse I think. THEN he shows them,lol
  13. This WGP guy at your table is a real............ dumbass.
  14. yea, mtt's suck unless you make the final table, and udually top5 only cashes hard.
  15. I almost played in this, but was upstairs playing nhl06 when it started BAH!lucky for you leethaxor
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