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  1. lol vahedi just hit about every card he could have possibly hit.
  2. good timing and well played Chuck wth the AA.deep in an mtt No other spot id rather pickup aa(bb)
  3. I see no reason why the continued harping on Tiffany Williamson- the play where everybody refers to her as a donkey- SHE FOLDED. It took awhile' date=' but she made the correct play' date=' and here reasoning out loud was questionable- [b'']BUT SHE MADE THE CORRECT PLAY[/b]!!! From what I have seen so far it looks like she was just playing a big stack a little too aggresively- and if you are going to ere at all, ere on the side of aggression. Too get as far as she did showed that overall she played well.She didn't make the correct play!THE CORRECT PLAY WAS MADE FOR HER! She ended up fo
  4. AT LEAST HE'LL USE SPELL CHECK TO RIGHT ER WRITE HIS BOOK :clap:why does every newbie think they are the spelling police.....If you use the word newbie newb n00b newblet nOOb you are automatically an idiot. SORRY
  5. So whats stopping him?BTW the market is littered with books on all of the subjects you mentioned.Maybe he should write a book on RAZZ with wild cards.
  6. What are you talking about? How does anyone write a book about poker? You just write it....duhI think you start with a bucket of ink a stick and a side of lamb.
  7. First explain whats keeping him from writing one.
  8. ok I like raymer a lot and think most of the haters are idiots.but this made me laugh....although he looks like a wendys guy to me.hehe Cane, I've kept out of the Raymer weight issues, cuz truth be known, 2 years ago I was close to his equal in weight without his height.short version, I got diabetes and so forth - since then I've lost 110 lbs and I still have a ways to go yet.I never asked for any pity or sympathy during my abusive years. In the words of Knish "You did it to yourself".I KNOW how it feels to be fat, I know how people treat the obese when it's not their problem. We are easy targ
  9. lol, gonna lose alotta money with that call. I see isolation raises like that all the time with big pairs.
  10. your not going to last longer then a week;)i give it 4 dayslol... I'm willing to put money on it I enjoy poker, but I don't earn enough regularly (yet?) to make it worth my while. I'm focusing on grades and building poker tables for profit. Perhaps I'll come back on once in a while for a strat. session or something, but I don't think I'm compulsive as say... tritz... lol.Did someone say tritz???okok ill be the first.PS is rigged.
  11. dam, what the hell is this gonna be called"how to get incredibly lucky and win 5 million dollars"hes good. you have been wrong about everything in this thread.In this thread????LOLTry in the history of his existence.
  12. I was crying, the top part of my icecream cone fell and hit my shoe RUINING it.
  13. I was hoping that you ACTUALLY got your ass kicked. :cry:
  14. "IM A F UCKING DONK" --------- Fluffdog
  15. well first I spilt milk on my dress, THEN I ate from the cat food bowl.
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