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  1. So you would pick-up a dollar bill even if some sweaty 75 yr old man dug it out of his sh1t?
  2. What's the over under on the amount of money in his wallet?????????????1$?
  3. Yea OF actually works even better when you play heads up.It makes your opponent think that you ONLY PLAY REAL HANDS@!!!!!!If you dont make a pair or anything, you just fold oiutta turn.If you don't OF your opponent is like shit shit FIRE MISSILES>!!!!!WTF MATE???????/ I AM LE TIRED FIRE ZE CIGGERETTES. CANADA IS LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON EH? KANGAROOS ETC GIMMIE SOME MORE ****ING CRACK.So yea if you use OF you will win all h/u matches. Just OF first few hands and then when the blinds get high, purchase all of the pots.
  4. I was there, funny ending to this story.Lance starts licking his lips and just as he closes his mouth Jasper lays a big fat wet kiss on hiss mouth. The place goes crazy everyone in the apartment complex knows, cell phones blowing up the whole bit. Meanwhile Lance gets and erection and Jasper calls with KJ and doubles up.
  5. Good insight.You're an idiot.-fopRight back at ya **** sucker.
  6. I'll bet daniel deletes it before he reads it.
  7. Man I just took a poop, and my left hemroid is just ripping away at my flesh, I want to grab that mother ****** and just rip it out.
  8. agreed.And there will be a small print that reads "The mods do not read this garbage."That clean things up.
  9. No. He would rather go to McDonalds and get a whaamburger and some cries. How's that for old school? Pwned!WhamBurger and FrenchCries.and its from Joe Dirt.....not very old school.
  10. welcome!!!!on a side not.My dad plays yahoo poker.Its soooo brutal to watch.
  11. you couldnt take money from a tip jar, guy. now stop being hostile ive already told you before. there is no need to tell people they should flip burgers. i used to make pizzas for a living but now im stacking newbys every minute and taking in bank.fix your attitude and mabey then you can learn about poker. until then feel free to sit next to me and get the poker zealot stack attack, CHYEA SON!!! im sorry that was mean of me to say i take that back. but im not gonna delete it for the sake of record keeping34 posts. Wow I'm impressed. You must be a colossal F*CK . Stacking people and t
  12. agreelol...do u guys think maatusow wouldve made the final table playing like that throughout the main event...i have a feeling he gets more agressive then usual when the cmeras are rolling.Probably but no use speculating, none of us have a clue.
  13. My little brother told me matusow already lost the money from TOC and nobody wants to stake him for future events because hes a hot head.....anyone else hear this????Also he got hit by the bus right???It wasnt gus.
  14. I gotta say I love the texture of this thread....-Mike matusow #1random ppl: Oh yes hes greatrandom ppl: Hes good but not bestDaniel: Mikes donkeyrandom ppl: DANIELS RIGHTrandom ppl: DANIELS JUSS KIDDINrandom ppl: BULLSHIT MIKES GREAT DANIELS DONKdaniel: Mikes donk I own him 365 timesrandom ppl: SEErandom ppl: TOLD YA SOrandom ppl: DANIELS STILL JOKINGrandom ppl: etc.This was the most entertaining thing ive read all week, ty everyone.
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