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  1. You have so much to learn, my son. Do not presume to know things about stuff such as this.
  2. Let's not say anything we can't take back.
  3. You got a date Wednesday, baby!(I know, wrong Jesus...but there are way too many horrible dupes these days so I wasn't about to create a new one)
  4. Sorry, Dad's really been riding me about the Republican debate. I need to do some damage control.I sure am a horrible dupe account.
  5. You're welcome, my child. Now please do not forget to fulfill your end of the bargain.
  6. Look on the bright side of things, my son. Now you shall look less Jewish than ever.
  7. jesus_

    Drug Test

    It is true, my child. Repent like Michael Vick and I shall come to you.
  8. Do you people ever stop to think before using phrases like this?
  9. I am not the one that violated the sanctity of your holy matrimony, my child. Please do not evoke my name is such a nagativistic mannitude.
  10. jesus_

    Dear Nikki

    Sorry, I'm busy at the moment. Try Krishna.
  11. Funny story...my middle name is actually Robert.
  12. I'm sorry, Andrew. I will not be taking you to paradise until you are finally happy and at peace with your life and relationships. That is when the proverbial rug shall be yanked from underneath ye. That is just how I roll, dear child.
  13. Yes, yes you are. I'm sorry, is your name also Jesus?No? I didn't think so.FACE!
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