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  1. not now donk, we arer all awaiting the outcome of huuslers HU match for 12.5k.............. THREAD ON HOLDDDD
  2. ill but it for 3,999.95waitwaitdeal or no deal?
  3. donk.....join the drinking clubupdate hussler??
  4. at this point mizrachi should be 2-1...... I was trying to tell you guys months ago, now your all coming around....donks
  5. 55 and 77 6 man sngs on party are soft....go there NOWWWWW only sngs i play now
  6. satelite.....tilt has good MTT sats on sunday for 26...but you can buy in directly as well
  7. haha ill walk up to the 20-40 table and say who the f is loochle....then throw a bunch of 1 dollar chips at you and say youss a donk....cuz im FWP
  8. yes ryan please step away from the thread...A nobody calling HOFer a troll....priceless
  9. No im a lot friendlier with the staff.. ready huge groundbreaking statement here.......wait...wait...Sometimes I have a tendency to not be nice to my opponents, maybe even calling them a donk
  10. ahh now I do..... your weak...not a great insult, we know some of the same people, probably a lot of the same people if he goes there that often, I was gonna meet up with him and what not...then he decided to act like a clown, that is all...
  11. hahahahahhahahahahahahahah, that made me crack up......Nah im going with a few people, first time going since a lil bit before the DUI, people are gonna be like WTF where you been....Then I tell them the statey story then we all laugh and play pokahhh..... playing poker 2 days drunk and high and I guarentee I win 800-1500..... Im scary talented folks...Ill post results thurs or fri
  12. 200k?? I worked you in every tourney we ever played period...
  13. meh,maybe that was a long time ago...... I do remember him saying he won enough in cash to cover all of his buy ins...... I don't really care obv.....Ill be the young kid drinking long island iced teas in my sunglasses jeans and Foxwoods Poker Room (royal flush) jacket.....I will be drunka nd have the smell of marijuana... Id offer to meet you but you sound like a ******
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