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  1. Two more things to add: 1. The referee ruling one thing and the player ruling another is not "a tie." To even suggest this is quite egotistical and oblivious to a host of cognitive biases that are undoubtedly affecting your viewpoint. 2. I don't think theres an actual disagreement on the rule; Rather I think theres a disagreement on where to draw the arbitrary line. For example, I think even Daniel would agree that if a player is X distance away from the table then his hand is dead. To give an extreme example, if someone gets up to go to the bathroom we clearly are not going to wait fo
  2. Is it possible that you threw your ante in and then moved slightly further away from the table? I'm not logically following how you being close enough to throw your ante in means that you necessarily did not move any further away from the table during the entire dealing of the cards. Its interesting that you later mention baseball("Even in baseball, a game of inches, the tie goes to the runner") because theres another interesting aspect of baseball: In baseball there is no defined "strike zone." Sure theres a general idea of "over the plate and in between knee-to-chest height", but ulti
  3. There is a way to remove PartyBlackjack from your computer and still have the poker there. Search 2+2 for it, as its been posted there a few times.
  4. Yeah, I just can't seem to find any of those at any other site.
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