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  1. $30 Sit n' Go. Early on. Don't really have any information about the players yet. 10-20 blinds. Middle position player raises to 60. One guy calls, I call on button with Qh Th, big blind calls. (240 in pot now). flop comes Ks 4h 2h. Preflop raiser bets 100.Middle position player calls. I call. Turn 2c. They both check. 540 in the pot now. I decided to check and try to hit my draw.River Qc. Preflop raiser bets 200. Guy in middle folds. Should I call there getting about 3.5 to 1?
  2. From what i've noticed reading your blogs over the past year or so you seem to grow less passionate about the game. Do you think eventually it will be hard to play in the Big Game with players who stay in practice by playing all 10 games every day?
  3. Well thank you. I respect your opinion too. Maybe it got lost in discussion but I am a huge fan of The Wire. It is an amazing show.
  4. Alright well we were having an interesting debate but that's lost now. Have a good one.
  5. First of all. I have never seen anything on the Sopranos glorifying the mafia world. The Sopranos does cover as much ground as the Wire (family issues, psychological problems, morality, drug abuse, heirarchy of power). But it doesn't really matter. A show can be specific to what it deals with and still have as much value as anything sprawling in it's interests. The things that I respect most about the show, or makes it "real" as you say is that the shows integrity isn't compromised by morality. Tony Soprano isn't a good person, no one ever said he was, and to have him as the protagonist
  6. On what basis. There is just as much subtlety and character development in the Sopranos. Both shows also do an equally good job in involving all of the periferal characters. The only thing thats gotten old on the Sopranos is him and Dr Melfi, they could of ended that awhile back. But it's still as close to as good as it was originally considering it's been on for what 6-7 years?
  7. You gotta remember Sopranos came out a few years earlier, and was pretty Ballsy at the time.
  8. I think the wire is amazing, but honestly I don't it stands apart too much from other HBO shows. Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Rome, they are all Fantastic. HBO puts out the best shows, plain and simple. They actually try to really delve into a part of culture or history, and there is great realism. The Wire is great but it isn't better than the Sopranos.
  9. I can see being bored. After awhile I just found it pretty fascinating. Jarmusch always moves things along slowly. You wanna be bored try watching Mystery Train. It's like 2 1/2 hours of cross-cultural subtlety with barely anything happening.
  10. I think it's an amazing movie. The main character hasn't lived his life like most people. Everything is transient and he's always basically tried to not care. The movie is about confronting your past. I don't know many people that have lived their lives exactly as they wanted to, and the movie shows the remnants of not commiting to anything, which I think a lot of people can relate to. The ending was fantastic, he's left with this feeling like he doesn't really know anything, every 18 year old he sees could be his son, since he never committed to anything he's left never really knowing wh
  11. I think it says a lot about this country that a POKER forum will have threads with 10-20 posts debating poker decisions but anything political will have 150+ with endless bitter argueing.
  12. I'm so gullible. You had me Daniel. I just kept thinking that Seidel and Ivey had lost their minds. Maybe all the 2nd places for Juanda will eventually make him give up poker. Got to be frustrating. I honestly doubt winning a 1 day 100k 1st prize event is what Juanda was hoping for.
  13. The Bears were probably the best team in the NFC. I really think all the hype about Grossman, about how he plays bad when he's losing, he's had some really bad games, he makes bad decisions, he doesn't have much confidence, he's the weakpoint of an amazing team is ... ABSOLUTELY TRUE.Other young Quarterbacks are doing well, Alex Smith had a good year, Losman is getting better, Tony Romo, Obviously Vince Young is going to be amazing. Why are the bears sticking with Grossman? I don't buy Lovie's crap about "We are 12-2 with Rex as Quarterback stuff" With a great running game and the best def
  14. LOL Does that mean Grossman will go 1-36, with -254 passing yds, gets sacked 19 times, and accidently runs into his own endzone twice?
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