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  1. Back in my day, we wouldn't have allowed negros to star in hit televison show. This world came to an end when sammy davis juinor appeared on sullivan. Now we have "humor" where the "star" of the "skit " is a crack head. Har Har Har.Give Me George Burns, Milton Berle. Now that's good television. Go listen to some hip hop and steal an SUV, you punks.
  2. I see you whippersnappers have no appreciation for a five tool threat like myself. Cut my teeth in Vaudeville, star of broadway and film ( who could forget the "On the Road movie spectulars with Bing!), biggest star of the radio era, one of the pionners of television. Basically, I was the biggest comedian of the 20th century, but you all have no love. Go watch the Chappelle show and smoke some crack, you hoodlums.
  3. These kids today just don't understand good humor.. or good music!
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