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    David Blane

    So, do you actually think that the only ones to contributes to those guys paychecks are "believers"? It's possible to enjoy what Blaine and those guys does without actually believing that they really possess magical powers.
  2. Raise more, fold to the shove... This is KK/AA an overwhelming majority of the times.
  3. I don't like it, mainly because you didn't raise preflop. If you get called in this spot it will very often be by the nuts.
  4. I can't wait to hear what you'll be wearing today! Share your lunch plans too!
  5. You're right, Poker Office is only for Hold'em as of now.
  6. Don't know about the error script, but maybe you should try with a different web browser? How much should you be paying? Well, that depends on what kind of membership you're interested in. You can pay for one video, one month, or $50 bucks for the sign up and then $20 for each month.
  7. Can't say I love the minraise preflop though.
  8. Well, assuming you talk about Poker Office. There's no support for the Tribeca network as of yet. There probably wont be in quite a while since they're merging with Tain and Playtech pretty soon.
  9. You can show hands that were mucked at showdown with Poker Office as well. In the menu, go to Live Tracker -> Customize Poker Table Overlay, in the bottom of the box you can choose for how long to show mucked cards.
  10. That's why a bigger PFR would be better in my opinion. Also, 14 outs?
  11. Yeah, the guy cold calls the flop and is now raising us on the turn, that's usually bad news when you're holding second pair. Is this really a good limp preflop on a tight table?
  12. I've been using Poker Office to track my SNG's for a while now and at first I din't use the HUD much because the stats was a bit misleading when the table got short. Now it's possible to filter the statistics on the number of players still in the SNG so the HUD is very useful in SNG's too.
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