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  1. I emailed them twice about it and they wouldn't budge. So I tried to build it to $50 but couldn't do it.
  2. Well I gambled and lost...I guess I won't be playing on stars any longer seeing as they essentially steal my money...
  3. 16914 if you have supernova status because of bonus. Math is (3,000,000 - 40,000)/175 pts per sng = 16914...I win for including the bonus Jamestl17
  4. They were the same...I think it was 0 Cash and 102 Points and the points got transferred twice. But today I have a second question. Is it legal for pokerstars to force me to gamble before I can cashout my money? I live in the US and only option available is a check and they won't let me do that until I have $50 in my account. I only have $20 and hate the site.
  5. Pokerstars transferred my account twice, it was only points, but still thought I should let you know...
  6. Didn't he make this song because he couldn't find water? And yet when it shows the soda there are bottles of water right next to it...lol
  7. How funny I just turned 21 on May 2nd and I'm going to vegas with my dad as well on the 15th
  8. Wtf...Meevee says it should be on right now, but my NBC channel is airing some paid program **** called "The business of health" I'm raged!
  9. I thought the people experiencing the lag had the vista operating system...
  10. Where did you find these replica chips, I've been looking as well..
  11. Just as fine I am with losing if I were sitting at a blackjack table...or a craps table...
  12. I play recreationally...I can sit where I want
  13. I should have stayed at this table, but the swings were too much to handle. Hand #40569570-12794 at Ogdensburg (Pot Limit Omaha)Started at 03/Apr/07 19:33:12 bryanlsu1 is at seat 0 with $0 (sitting out). ccob is at seat 1 with $211.30. buenosdias is at seat 2 with $355.90. cumgetsome is at seat 3 with $328.30. Jamestl17 is at seat 4 with $148.35. The button is at seat 1. buenosdias posts the small blind of $1. cumgetsome posts the big blind of $2. ccob: -- -- -- -- buenosdias: -- -- -- -- cumgetsome: -- -- -- -- Jamestl17: 2c Jh Ks KcPr
  14. when was the last time DN played in any Negreanu open events?
  15. I just got an email this morning saying I registered for a tournament that starts on Mar 23...I better get into my time machine.
  16. Casino Morongo in Southern Cali is pretty nice.
  17. I thought saying "I have a set" was allowed, but saying, "I have a set of Aces" was not allowed
  18. I did one of these and got like $100, deposited $20 to "get the money" and then it told me I couldn't withdraw it until I made a bazzillion dollars in wagers.
  19. I cashed out using a regular check and it took about 2 and 1/2 weeks. So I would be very worried that your fed ex check hasn't arrived yet....Call them and find out wats up...
  20. This story reminds me of one of my own. I flopped the nut flush against another player who flopped a lower flush. We both slow played to the river and he asks me "Do you check?" And I say "Check!?!?" followed quickly by "OH ****! That was a question not a statement" At which point the dealer declares I checked (I can't argue because even I think she was right making that call) and the kid gets suspicious and he checks his flush...Pot was like $6 with nut flush against 3rd nut flush Definitely a lesson to watch what you say..
  21. I still think he should just start holding his breath...Seriously guys...All that CO2 coming out of him is heating up my planet...SOMEBODY STOP HIM...Maybe we can get a hybrid DN...Sound good?
  22. I hope daniel gets very committed to this....I think he should get one of those "re-breathers" that some divers use and then bury the CO2 deep underground after it runs out. Seriously daniel your increasing CO2 emissions right now! Quick hold your breath
  23. How does my name randomly get mentioned in this thread? Am i that much of a legend?
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