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  1. i was unaware of the rules for one thing. and another im new to the forum to im still gettin used to using it.
  2. Seat 1: sexybastad (6025 in chips) Seat 2: l3onedust (1530 in chips) Seat 3: leothemighty (7285 in chips) Seat 5: 911 Plumbing (1965 in chips) Seat 6: JustNutzPlz (2055 in chips) Seat 7: snowmonster7 (865 in chips) Seat 8: fcas1 (2770 in chips) Seat 9: Lip is Fat (725 in chips) 911 Plumbing: posts small blind 25JustNutzPlz: posts big blind 50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Lip is Fat [9h 9s]snowmonster7: folds fcas1: calls 50Lip is Fat: raises 675 to 725 and is all-insexybastad: folds l3onedust: raises 805 to 1530 and is all-inleothemighty: raises 5755 to 7285 and is all-in911 Plumbing: folds JustN
  3. ok i will im gona go smoke a cig ill be back in a few....thanks again!
  4. Lip Is Fat (grosse pointe(FCP))thank you
  5. i went broke on stars so i was seeing if i could get hooked up thats all didnt know it was a crime. sorry again.
  6. i wasnt begging but ok. Thanks anyway.
  7. lip is fat (grosse pointe(FCP))will you stake me as well?
  8. i would love a stakeps ID: Lip Is Fat
  9. ok im sorry, thanks for making fun guys thats cool.
  10. I was uninformed, i had no idea that i couldnt ask.
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