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  1. Crazy return. Although Stamkos does have an AHL championship.
  2. And I see Hayton's upside as Toewsish... which is excellent for real world hockey, less so for fantasy.
  3. Kotkaniemi will be a stud c-man. Kopitarish. He learns and adapts very quickly.
  4. My choices for Game 1 of CL... Forwards B. Wheeler WPG S. Couturier PHI B. Schenn STL J. Guentzel PIT A. Lee NYI D. Stepan ARI M. Johansson NJD J. Silfverberg ANA R. Smith VGK J. McCann FLO A. Kerfoot COL J. Greenway MIN F. Chlapik OTT Dmen P.K. Subban NSH S. Gostisbehere PHI C. Miller VGK T.J. Brodie CGY T. Myers WPG C. Fowler ANA K. Capobianco ARI C. Wolanin OTT Goalies WPG (@ DAL) ANA (@ ARI) I'm sure Arp has some decent players to pick from also.
  5. Lou Lamoriello is a stubborn old man and getting him out of Toronto was one of the best moves the Leafs made.
  6. Elite winner - Canadian Gothic Elite drop - Underdogs Upper promotion - Swackers Upper drop - Magic Delicious Lower winner - Puck Warfare Lower drop - Steelheads Bottom feeder winner- Greaseballs Tie breaker last in bottom feeder - Cheap Thieves
  7. Lol a little Plus, I'm never sure if Jay will start a rebuild at any moment lol
  8. After a quick look at rosters after the draft/auction it looks like the contenders this season will be... Canadian Gothic Underdogs Shoot Loose Red Ravens (Puck Warfare) Big Ms Shortstackers Whalers Swackers PK Dealers ...so, about half the league lol
  9. And now the wait for game 1 Oct 4... Forwards available B. Wheeler WPG S. Couturier PHI B. Schenn STL J. Guentzel PIT A. Lee NYI R. Smith VGK D. Stepan ARI N. Foligno CBJ A. Kerfoot COL J. Greenway MIN R. Donato BOS F. Chlapik OTT P. Di Giuseppe CAR Dmen available P.K. Subban NSH S. Gostisbehere PHI C. Miller VGK T. Myers WPG K. Capobianco ARI C. Wolanin OTT Goalies available Winnipeg Jets Columbus Blue Jackets
  10. Went into the draft and auction targeting dmen. Managed to pick up Cam Fowler and Tyler Myers for $3.00 each which will fill a lot of holes. Also got Christian Wolanin for $0.50 who is also AHO eligible. Added some good/cheap D prospects to the farm too: Calen Addison PIT $1.00 Libor Hajek NYR $1.00 Josh Brook MTL $0.50 Axel Andersson BOS $0.50 Johnny Tychonick OTT $0.50 With the callup of Kevin Labanc, Alex Kerfoot, Jordan Greenway (AHO eligible) and Drake Caggiula I was pretty full on forwards, but I added the following forwards to my active/reserves... Ryan Donato BOS $1.50 (A
  11. Winning Combination 2nd #27 $2.00 F Sasha Chmelevski SJS Ingmen 3rd #43 $1.00 F Alexander Volkov TBL Puck Warfare 3rd #48 $1.00 D Calen Addison PIT Canadian Gothic 3rd #59 $1.00 D Libor Hajek NYR Ingmen 4th #63 $0.50 F Mason Appleton WPG Winning Combination 4th #67 $0.50 D Josh Brook MTL Swackers 4th #74 $0.50 D Axel Andersson BOS Shortstackers 4th #78 $0.50 D Johnny Tychonik OTT
  12. Hurts the team though. They were hoping to get a good look at him at center. Still, not much of a suspension for him personally. Perfect example of selfishness.
  13. I'd call it more of a cheapshot, but regardless what we call it, it is what it is...a stupid move.
  14. I have no problem with Greaseballs signing Denis Savard for $4.25, but he shouldn't be able to use him as a dman. Hahahahaha
  15. Signed before auction: 294 players 38 goalies $745.75 Required at auction: 166 players 22 goalies $454.25 available Anyone have numbers from previous seasons?
  16. 1. D S. Gostisbehere PHI $3.00 2. D C. Fowler ANA $3.00 3. D T. Myers WPG $3.00 4. D O. Klefbom EDM $2.75 5. D T.J. Brodie CGY $2.75 6. D J. Muzzin LAK $2.75 7. D P.K. Subban NSH $2.50 8. D C. Miller VGK $2.50 9. D C. Wolanin OTT $0.50 10. D K. Capobianco ARI $0.25 11. F B. Wheeler WPG $5.25 12. F N. Foligno CBJ $4.50 13. F S. Couturier PHI $3.75 14. F B. Schenn STL $3.50 15. F D. Stepan ARI $3.50 16. F M. Johansson NJD $3.25 17. (F D. Caggiula EDM $2.00) 18. F J. Silfverberg ANA $1.75 19. F R. Donato BOS $1.50 20. F R. Smith VGK $1.25 21. F J. Guentzel PIT $1.25 22. F
  17. FARM 1. D J. Jerabek EDM $0.50 2. D J. Subban TOR $0.50 3. D U. Vaakanainen BOS $0.50 4. D V. Saarijarvi DET $0.50 5. F D. Caggiula EDM $2.00 FORCED TOEWS 6. F D. Timashov TOR $1.50 7. F K. Labanc SJS $1.00 FORCED TOEWS 8. F N. Paul OTT $1.00 9. F A. Kerfoot COL $0.50 VOL. TOEWS 10. F C. Ully DAL $0.50 11. F D. Heinen BOS $0.50 VOL. TOEWS 12. F G. Smith DET $0.50 13. F J. Greenway MIN $0.50 14. F M. Mersch DAL $0.50 15. F R. Bondra CHI $0.50 16. F R. Gropp NYR $0.50 17. Winning Combination 2nd #27 $2.00 18. Ingmen 3rd #43 $1.00 19. Puck Warfare 3rd #48 $1.00 20. Canadian Go
  18. Just a little tweak... traded ARI and WSH goalies for $1.50 and CLB goalies who will be signed 1 year for $1.75. Money available for auction stays the same as do my requirements.
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