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  1. Didn't he walk into Sather's office with some sort of demands? Could be someone else I'm thinking about.
  2. Clearly I'm not harassing you enough.
  3. More importantly, did you see any 1999-00 Be A Player Memorabilia Channel Specific Autograph inserts? I still need a few.
  4. Silence the crowd and keep the W. Duby's just ridiculous. 😲 https://www.thescore.com/s/7826077
  5. IMO In the HHOF and shouldn't be: Cam Neely Not in the HHOF and should be: Alexander Mogilny
  6. Haha Gritty received 14 write-in votes in the midterm elections.
  7. Sudbury just had an election. Brian Bigger defeated Tay Butt.
  8. I started Columbus goslies... that means a hat trick for Seguin... sorry.
  9. A list of Montreal Canadiens captains... http://www.gohabs.com/captains.htm
  10. Btw, last night the Habs set an NHL record for fastest 2 goals.
  11. My point is the shittiest teams in February are not necessarily the shittiest teams in October.
  12. Puck Warfare was 8th and picked up two good young D prospects. Puck Warfare is not a shitty team. Changing it to a Blind Bid process would potentially add more fun to the league also. People like to bid on players. I think this process has the potential to get more owners interested. It also opens the door for more gamesmanship.
  13. I know it rewards the shittiest teams from the PREVIOUS season... that's one of the problems with it.
  14. Lol... I use that one often with my kids. They have no idea what I'm talking about.
  15. I think we use the worst waiver process available as an option. (Edit: maybe first come first served is worse.) I don't think the worst-to-first method is a true indicator of a teams strength. Ex/ Grreaseballs was the second worse team in the standings last year and gets second priority. This process doesn't account for the players a team like Greaseballs can activate/acquire from the farm/auction. Greaseballs was not the second worst team in the league 6:00 tonight. Basing the priority list on the standings at the waiver claim deadline each week would be a little better, but I think w
  16. I'm still unclear as to how our waiver system works. I don't understand how I'm still 19th when I picked up 1 player and Ingmen picked up 5 players. Can someone please explain so I can be educated when I complain?
  17. Game 5 Saturday, October 13 Canadian Gothic 1. J. Guentzel PIT OT 2. S. Couturier PHI 3. A. Lee NYI A 4. B. Schenn STL G G 5. R. Smith VGK 6. D. Stepan ARI 7. P.K. Subban NSH 8. S. Gostisbehere PHI 9. J. Muzzin LAK A 10. C. Fowler ANA G. Anaheim Ducks -2.5 Magically Delicious S. Crosby - PIT [overtime] A E. Malkin - PIT A A A. Ovechkin - WSH A A J. Toews - CHI A A. Kopitar - LA J. Skinner - BUF G A K. Russell - EDM J. Oleksiak - PIT S. Mayfield - NYI R. Hagg - PHI Philadelphia goalies -0.5 CL vs Swackers Claude Giroux, PHI (OT) Eric
  18. Cheap Thieves -1 Marcus Johansson -0.5
  19. I'm expecting Johansson to singlehandedly beat your team tonight.
  20. Game 4 Thursday, Oct 11 Canadian Gothic 1. J. Guentzel PIT G 2. B. Schenn STL A A A 3. K. Labanc SJS 4. B. Wheeler WPG OT 5. M. Johansson NJD G 6. R. Smith VGK G 7. P.K. Subban NSH 8. J. Muzzin LAK A 9. C. Miller VGK 10. O. Klefbom EDM G. Winnipeg Jets -1.5 Cheap Thieves 1. Nicklas Backstrom, WAS. OT 2. Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MTL. 3. Tomas Nosek VGK G 4. Dominik Simon, PIT. 5. Barclay Goodrow, SJS. 6. Jujhar Khaira, EDM. 7. Erik Gustafsson, CHI. 8. Damon Severson, NJ. A 9. Joakim Ryan, SJS. 10. Mackenzie Weegar, FLA. G. FLORIDA -2.5 CL vs Un
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