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  1. I believe it's 25 years for the Daily Grand.
  2. Another interesting thing I was told about the $1000/day option is that you can leave it to someone in your will.
  3. This is what I'm talking about... "The $1,000 a day prize is designed to help you dream and get you to buy a $3 ticket,but comes with tax complications as annuities are taxable. A $1,000 a day payout is $365,000 paid out in a year’s time. The $7 Million (shared by winning tickets) lump-sum payout is all TAX FREE. Put it in the bank; you have to pay tax on the interest made on the $7 Million." "Annuities If you win a sizable amount, it's common to receive the prize over time – perhaps paid as a certain amount each month for life. Be aware that prizes paid out in this way – that is,
  4. If you take the cash in a lump sum you won't be taxed. If you take the payments as in $1000 a week then the government considers it income and you will be taxed. That what I've been told by representatives of OLG and a few accountants... so I don't really know. Perhaps there are ways around it. I'd like to know for sure because I plan on winning soon.
  5. If you win the $1000 a week for life they will tax it.
  6. Details: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/winnipeg-fan-wins-1-million-after-patrik-laine-scores-five-goals-in-a-game/amp/ GP 22 G 19 A 3 Lol runaway Cy Young winner so far
  7. Looks like Vatanen will play. Get him in your lineup, Bob.
  8. Colin White (who is in Cheap Thieves lineup) apparently just left the ice shaking his head and is doubtful for tonight's 8:00 game.
  9. Ya I replaced him with Brodie. Sounds like Subban needs another day or three.
  10. Today is a prime example of why I dislike our roster submission deadline rule. First game at 1:00 Trying to find out if Subban will play. Nashville doesnt play until 8:00 Odds of finding out before first game are very poor.
  11. Ilya Kovalchuk update: still a shitty peripheral pond hockey pussy.
  12. I like the Backstrom Severson cash side.
  13. I vaguely remember those days like it was last year. I just suggested the two guys with o at the end of their name. I'm onto 5th level strategies now.
  14. So which team is gonna get Kessel in a trade?
  15. If Nylander were worth EK and Labanc then he'd be worth the money he wants.
  16. WTF do internet companies realize people work? Scheduled installation will be between 8 AM and 5 PM... lol **** off
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