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  1. Tyler Myers will be in my lineup Dec 31st. Prepare yourself.
  2. Found it...it was changed this year and is +/- first, then head-to-head.
  3. What are the tie-breakers for standings? Same as Reg? Head-to-head record Most wins Most goals for (what does this mean?)
  4. This discussion is causing me anxiety. I don't leave the house unless I have to.
  5. I used to stick my concert ticket stubs in the back of my CD cases. I found one for The Cult in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1987.
  6. Photos, autographed or not, are just reminders of the memory...and to show off . The memory itself is the best/important part. I'd take 30/40 meals and time with Walter over an autograph or a photo. Buuuuut, Tim, you could've had both lol You were likely enjoying the moment to even think about a photo.
  7. Murder happened 20 years ago. https://www.sudbury.com/police/live-at-4-pm-police-to-reveal-significant-development-in-renee-sweeney-murder-case-1156037
  8. He only updated it in the original post.
  9. The two things are not the same. I didnt see the Bertuzzi incident, but the league allows for more leeway when it comes to players engaging/protecting themself. It does not want players coming off the bench which leads to more players coming off the bench which leads to an all out brawl... something the league does not like.
  10. Nylander only loses about $200K by not signing this before the season and that doesnt even account for taxes and escrow... plus he's well rested.
  11. If he doesnt sign by 5 PM tomorrow he's ineligible to play this season.
  12. It takes two to agree on a contract. Perhaps the players didnt want to sign in the offseason.
  13. Smoking anything has negative affects. Vaporizing pot is the best.
  14. Lol me too. The Bob part actually made me lol
  15. Um...ah...wtf... http://thenorthbaybay.ca/raccoon-fighting-ring/ “Apparently Bob was too dangerous to put in the ring.”
  16. I assume they don't allow cigarette smoking either?
  17. I wasn't actually asking a question. I was framing the answer in the form of a question. By answering you've shown that you didn't get the reference
  18. Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?
  19. IMO one would only view it as implied if they felt there was some truth to it... which seems to be what you're admitting in claiming you love to be an idiot. Carry on.
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