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  1. I didn't see the show, but it seems that most of you weren't impressed. This is not surprising considering your pre-existing interests in poker. This show is aimed at an audience unfamiliar with poker. No TV or movie production company is interested in casting a favourable light on a subject if it means jeopardizing potential profits. ESPN has shown through its coverage of poker tournaments that it is more interested in showing tantrums and controversy. The poker is a medium. They would show knitting if there was a reasonable chance that two knitters would go after each other with #5 nee
  2. ...didn't Daniel finish in the money at 75th?
  3. Yes, that's right. He's bleeding because I punched him in the nose. He keeps posting stupid things.I want to say how much I appreciate Daniel Negreanu for taking the time to visit with us on his site. With his busy schedule, it would be so easy for him to drop in every six months or so, but he is almost always in here.I was watching some celebrity poker tourney on TV where each player had one chance to get advice from Daniel and Jennifer Harmon. The player would hold up a big red card indicating that they wanted advice and then Daniel and Jennifer would come out and help them. The one thi
  4. This is so sweet I just wa.....oh.. I just threw up in my mouth.Hey smash, gimme a kiss!
  5. Just curious as to why he didn't list it as a "Dutch" auction. He would have a better chance getting 1800 people to put up $1.00 each. Who's the frickin' prodigy now boooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyd?
  6. If I'm on the IBM I use a cursor. It's shaped like a little white arrow. I just slide it over the top off my cards and it prevents my cards from getting mucked accidently or flipping for others to see. It hasn't failed me yet.If I'm on my Mac I use something similar. I use a little black arrow. It's a subtle change but I like to switch things up a little. Unpredictability is a good thing at the poker table.
  7. Yes, I saw that too. He was absolutely horrible. Fischman made some good reads from the rail though.
  8. I think this idea, despite having the best of intentions, is absurd. The best way to rid the forum of so-called "idiots" is to not respond to ridiculous posts; or rather, posts that you deem to be ridiculous. Unfortunately, this is very difficult for some. Some people (admin included) feel the need to respond to some posts if only to announce how pointless the post was in their opinion. If a post is pointless, don't respond! If a post is truly offensive and crosses the line of common decency then it will be removed. Then again, it may be removed even if it doesn't cross any lines; or the
  9. Please, don't stop! This is too funny. I wanna be able to come back to this thread for a laugh every now and then.
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    I just realized that my join date makes me a newbie again....that farging cooksocker!
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    Sorry guys about all this BS. My brother thought it would be funny to stir up some crap and now he got me banned so I had to register again. I can't access the site from home either. What a stupid phucker! Anyway, I'll try to keep him away.
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