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  1. Open Poker Office, go to Database in the menu -> Backup database, move the backup file to your new computer and open it by going to Database -> Restore database.
  2. Yeah, it is possible. Wasn't until the 2.19 update though.
  3. When I withdraw I pay a $1 fee to Neteller, and then there's the exchange rates to go with that.
  4. I got $15 free, cashout restricted. I played a $10 SNG, a $20 SNG, a $50 SNG and then i had nothing left... Oh well.
  5. I've actually tried both softwares. I started out with poker tracker and I thought (still think) it was a good software, after a while my computer crashed though and I lost my whole database. That's when I decided to try something new and I went with poker office. Some of the reasons I prefer office is; everything is built into it, it's a bit easier to use and has a much nicer interface, the filtering tool is better (might have changed since i stopped using pt).
  6. I like poker office best (so far), I've also tried poker tracker and a trial verison of poker sherlock.
  7. Well, when Fullt Tilt and Crypto are added I think it covers all the main sites. At least all the sites I play at.
  8. Yeah, but I read that support for the Crypto network and Full Tilt poker will be added in the next few weeks.
  9. You do know that Neteller has customers from other parts of the world than USA, do you? Or do you suggest that every poker player should cash out all their money?
  10. I like what Actuary said. Am I the only one that likes a turn bet?
  11. That's correct. He has confirmed it on a Swedish poker forum. He used to play the biggest cryptologic games very frequently.
  12. Push! I don't think AA is very likely at all considering the preflop action, AJ is possible but with him check-calling all the way the flush should be the most common holding for your opponent.
  13. Lets say you're playing 10-handed SNG's and have 50% ITM from bubble, this means you get ITM half of the times when you get to four handed play.
  14. It's a young guy from Sweden, I think he's 19 or 20 y o. He used to play the crypto £150/£300 a lot. His name there was alex123 like someone else said, he also played under another alias there but I can't remeber which one.
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